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a sexual advance or was it showing romantic interest?

he wants to have sex
1 (100%)
he wants to date
0 (0%)
both ? :0
0 (0%)
none of the above
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Was it a precursor to sex or a display of romantic interest? [poll]

April 02, 2019, 08:13:21 PM
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Hello all, this may be as much of a doozy for you as it is for me, but bear with me here. So I'm no stranger to one night stands but something happened recently that my brain can't seem to make sense of. Just a bit of backstory: so I've been friends with this guy, A, for about 5 years now. Now we're not super duper close, but we have a good time together whenever we see each other and consider ourselves to be friends.

One night A and I are both at a house party thrown by a mutual friend of ours, and there's some day drinking with a long pause in between some heavier night drinking. I notice throughout the night that A is giving me a lot of compliments which is out of the ordinary because we're always jokingly mean to each other, but hey a compliment's a compliment. As the night progresses, I get a little bit stoned and I end up sitting next to A on the couch while we chat with some friends.  Now we're both cross faded but my fuzzy brain notices that his hand is gripping my thigh and never really moves it until we eventually head back inside the house. I don't think much of it other than it's an endearing gesture, and eventually A and I decide to stay over rather than call an Uber home.  Since there are a lot of other people staying at my friend B's house for various reasons, A and I take the floor of B's room.  Now I distinctly remember my friend B saying before we went to sleep, "don't f***ing have sex in here," and my idiot brain was like LOL why even worry about that (side note: after the fact, B told me she was picking up that he was coming onto me during the party but apparently I'm oblivious.)

Well...A and I are on the floor half asleep/half awake watching some movie on TV when A starts lightly caressing my arm, and then proceeds to caress just about every other part of my body for the rest of the night.  I definitely welcomed it but this made absolutely 0 sense to me in the moment and still doesn't now as A has never expressed any interest in me at all and I can count the times we've even hugged in the years we've known each other on one hand. It wasn't overly sexual--save for the brief breach in my underwear, the hand in my bra (not sure if anything was ever grabbed), and a hand squeezing my ass. Mostly, it was kinda sweet caresses and he was definitely close enough to me that I could feel him breathing on my face. At one point, our hands were interlocked and A was lightly kissing my knuckles and kept pulling me closer to him.

This is a strange situation being that we were both intoxicated, but we barely knew what to say to each other the next day. He claims he doesn't remember much, which I don't entirely believe because he would get up in the middle of the night to check his phone or send a text whilst his hand was god knows where on my body. And I don't know what he said, but in the middle of the night he said something to me and said my name so he was definitely lucid enough to know it was me.  I'm just unsure what to think of it and we haven't spoken much since. I flirted with him briefly after-the-fact, but we only see to connect like that when we're under the influence of something.

Sorry this is so long but any thoughts are appreciated!! :^)
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May 13, 2019, 12:16:28 PM
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It sounds like at a minimum he wanted to hook up, but that doesn't mean he isn't also interested romantically!  Have you tried talking to him about it?


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