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Author Topic: Strange

June 15, 2019, 08:35:46 AM
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Okay so i have a question and it is bugging me. I came home from work everything seemed fine then she started up with this taking days off of sex and we do go with out like 24 hours plus a lot due to i work 12 hour shifts so i tried talking to her about and she said she don't want to talk she has a headache okay that was fine i went about doing other stuff cleaning and such im just like that give her space you know. Then she said let's go up to bed and watch a movie then it led to other things such as she's tired so i said well let's just go to bed and i tried to turn off the movie she said no she's watching it. Okay fine then i tried again then she said she's feeling sick. Then from that to not in the mood. Then from that to she wants to but did not want me to go down on her she loves it when i do it's something we always do She did let me but it was odd when i was down there i started to have a hard time breathing like my throat was closing off and every time i would breath in it would feel like i just painted a room with latex paint i asked her if she used anything down there she got offended and said it's all in my head. We don't use condoms never have I've knowen this girl sense we were kids she was 8 and i was 10 I'm 42 now that's a lot of years at first i never thought anything of it but she got strange in bed like if she was not fully there i Did not ask her if she cheated or anything like that i only asked if she used something different just once If im haveing some time of reaction to it. Should i be worried ? Was this just in my head ?


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