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Author Topic: My life as an attention and sex addict...

March 29, 2020, 05:26:11 AM
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Lisa Vegas

I tried to give some detail (some graphic) of my addiction…
It has taken me a while, 20 years, I’m 44 now, to realize I’m addicted to attention and sex with men and mostly older men. I love being seen naked or more (much more) for them.
It starts… In Dallas, Tx… I yes, needed money at 24 but the path I took to get it is the choice I made that led to where I am at now. At 24 and needing money for just survival, I was looking at ads in porn mags and Craigslist.com (was a great place for me to get work) and came across porn ads but I was intrigued with  an ad to pose for pictures while getting a tattoo “painted” on my backside… (think tramp stamp) no pain… (it’s painted on me) and making $50 for an hour or so getting it painted on me and posing for pictures sounded great to me!  First thing I noticed was the photographer was over 50 maybe 60 years old. The other man that painted the tattoo on me was 45. I was talking to him more as he was close to me painting the tattoo on me.  Maybe something else I should mention was they had an apron for me and high heels (I brought heels but not an apron). They said… Leave your heels on and wear only the apron. So, you mean I’m nude? Yes, just heels and the apron.  I didn’t realize I’d be nude. I said well, nude then I want $75. Literally in a split second, they both said yes. They put $75 on my purse. Perfect!  I didn’t skip a beat and did what they said. But zero experience and never doing this… and not knowing I’d be nude… Well…  I was a jungle down there! But I was, non the less, turned on posing nude for two older men! Now, the photographer was directing. He told me to lean forward, hands on my thighs and then my knees so the tattoo could get painted on me. It wasn’t long before I heard the camera sound of pictures being taken! The tattoo, the main reason, so I thought, wasn’t even being painted on me. The photographer who was much older than me asked if he could position my legs. I was like ok. As I was still leaning forward, he moved my heels maybe a foot or two apart. I heard some nice comments on how sexy I looked. Which coming from the both was a real turn on. Hearing the camera click was another turn on! I felt so good for them!  I know I was wet, and they knew it! The tattoo wasn’t even painted on me, there was no need for them to do it.  I was offered a nice tip… I accepted and it led to an amazing MFM session! I was hooked!
In retrospect… was I a prostitute? I really thought I would get $50 to have a tattoo painted on me.  But I was seduced by two older men and they sweetened the deal with more money. I look back and I am not sure the outcome would have changed with no additional money. Posing nude for older men/photographers was and is a huge turn on for me! 
I kept “posing” for them and found other ads along the way and made more connections with photographers and they put me on lists and before I knew it, I was getting called to “pose” often! The money was great, but I loved all the attention more!  All eyes on me! All the compliments they would give me!  That was so addicting!  But I never thought of it like that. But in retrospect I was addicted!
At 25 I found out that I could work at a “Gentleman’s club” as a seminude or even a full nude dancer! I have always loved hot weather, so Miami is where I moved! So, from 25 to 28, between dancing and posing nude for men! I was making money and getting all the attention I wanted, and I was getting my fill of what I wanted!
So, I thought… I wanted (needed) more! I then found Backpage.com and to my surprise I saw an add for an adult entertainment company right in Miami!  I knew I had to try this! I called them and they had me come in for an interview. It was with a woman and I remember very professional very matter of fact. She asked do I know what I would be doing… working with men… all on video… full sex…. I knew but I guess she was to give me the sober details… I said yes. I filled out an application and they took a few clothed and nude photos… They said something like don’t call us we will call you type of thing. I assumed from that I was done and had no chance.
I was back dancing and posing for older men/photographers that called for maybe a week or so. I know it wasn’t too long because I was petty busy dancing and posing.  I got a call… We want to have you do 2 Adult photo/video shoots next week. If they go well then, a possibility of 10 shoots total over the next three weeks. Each shoot will be with a different partner.  The men will all be black. You will make $2,000 for the two shoots. And if we do additional shoots then I could make $22,000 if I did all 10 shoots. I was like WOW!!!  They didn’t have to ask me twice! 
A couple of weeks passed due to circumstances. I remember I had to wait. Bad timing. But I ultimately did all the shoots, 10 in total! I worked with some very nice men! The sex was amazing. I’m very sexual and if it’s close to good I am enjoying but the 10 shoots I did the guys blew my socks off so to speak! 
What I found out with doing porn is it’s all. Then nothing… no consistency…. I would call them and see if they had anything and they were like you did your 10 shoots. Thanks. WOW.  Back to dancing and posing for older men/photographers!  Not that this was bad… but I had thought a porn career was this on-going glamorous thing that everything I thought about it was not really that.  It was simply fuck; they photo, video it… off you go…  Of course, I was paid but I bet if you googled my porn or stage names... “Lisa Vegas” or “Lisa Viva” or “Lisa Mintoni” you would find next to nothing online.
From 25 to 33, I did many porn scenes from this company and that company. To get my fill and constant addiction feed... I answered any ad I could. I ultimately did around 20 random BBC – Interracial porn scenes. Probably 75 over the 9 years I was full speed with it. I still do them when I can and have done around 100+ total. I have done many more amateur as opposed to pro.
When you get to 30… No one really wants you as a dancer… My dancing career ended but my posing for older men and photographers was going but not as good as I needed with the loss of dancing and the random porn shoot, I was need more for money and my addiction to sex.
I moved to Las Vegas when I was 35.  I had to start over. But I knew older men with money… gambling… booze... the only thing they needed was… me!  I knew from my past experiences that older men love a full bush... hairy pussy… I let me grow as full as possible but kept it neat. Men love all the hair, but my experience also tells me they want to see my lips not completely covered… This is like the Gold to older men! So… ready… I quickly got on my feet so to speak… Met some older male photographers… Did a bunch of nude shoots for them… They all loved my full bush look! They started getting older men that appreciate a woman pose nude with a full bush and wanted to get high quality pictures that were taken. Older men, men with money, men that wanted different things… Some just wanted me to sit nude with them and talk… some wanted me to pose for them… and yet some wanted me to pee for them or on them… I was never opposed to anything really. I mean there are things I will never do… or maybe… but they back to had money… I mean I’d make like 75 to pose for a guy. The photographer was paid too… but I’d get pee for me and $200 is yours. I mean would you say no to peeing for $200??? As I pose, they will stroke their cocks… Cum on me, cum on my tits, face, pussy… More… Was there sex… Yes. Again… these older men flash cash and it gets hard to pass on it… I just started to tell them “dining” (eating my pussy) was included in a session!
A solid year or so in Vegas I was doing well with my nude sessions.  This was going very well and very steady unlike porn or even posing in Miami for older men.
Side note… I was also looking at nudist resorts and seeing what Vegas had to offer… I found a few nearby and made a visit to all of them… I fell in love with one but love to go to any of them… I made friends with older men online and they even took me to a resort in Arizona!  It was a small resort; we were 5 and there was one other couple there. We had the run of the place for 2 days! Love it and all the attention! The one resort I go to in Vegas is mostly older couples so older men and a few single women like me. I was a big hit for the hubby’s… 38E breasts… shapely… and a hairy pussy that the men loved to look at as I read my book by the pool… always leaving an opening for them to glance at!  That made me hot! Again, seeing them eyeing up my body! Oh, it’s hot in here! If I noticed a hubby looking between my legs, I would open my legs more…. smile at them, make a pleasant comment to them… it wasn’t long before I was making secret rendezvous in the bathroom or other rooms in the house with some of the hubby’s… They loved to get a very close view of my full bush and I was so very happy to let them! I love it there and have gone yearly as soon as it gets pool weather hot!
Side note over… 
Ironically, I ended up getting a call from these guys in Reno, NV… not far from Vegas but not all that close either.  They ran a porn studio. Lisa, we want to cast you in various porn scenes. We can even shoot the scenes in Vegas. But we want you to come to Reno first. I said yes but It wasn’t easy because I was doing 2 sessions daily and had regulars I would pose for as they wanted sessions. Things were great as I had steady monthly income from regulars, and always had a new client and or photographer to pose for. I was living the life having older men see my body and feed my addiction!  How do I go to Reno and not lose a customer?  The guys in Reno are great.  They worked with me to het there and back in only 3 days. I did 2 photo and video adult scenes and I was back in Vegas!  Some time went by and like all my interactions with porn companies… you did your shoots…. Over… done… they get the next girl in and that’s it. But the guys in Reno, were not like that. They called me often and not just to do porn shoots, but they were interested in me. This was a shock and never really understood that it could be personal and positive. To this day I do porns for the Reno guys. We even do them in Vegas.
I’m now 37 and posing for men, doing the occasional porn scene for the Reno guys.  I get this client… He like any others has fantasies… tells me how he would get me work… over a 6-month period I probably posed for him 10 times.   As we got close, I told him I have no intentions of getting married nor stopping my nude sessions and porns. And of course, he said all the right things… You can keep doing all of that and I can help you do more… so it’s Vegas… We get married… He had money… A great career… I didn’t have to do a thing.  But as expected, I kept doing sessions for older men and the occasional porn here or there. My Husband even met the Reno guys and a few of the men and photographers I’d pose for. He was extremely supportive and even found men (black men) for me to fuck as he would watch.  I was getting texted and called so often, not that I minded but guys were fucking me in the house at all hours and without my husband present. It started to take a toll on him as he couldn’t watch many times and would even have to leave the house as I fucked these other men. He would get me more men that he would setup and then he could watch…. I was so addicted to this that fucking twice a day was no big deal… If I didn’t have sex with other men daily it was a bad day! This went on for 3 years and he had had enough. Not of me but the situations of what he helped make of it… We divorced and he could move on but to this day he still gets me guys for pose or fuck sessions so he can watch.
Along this journey I have made connections that have lasted till today… I’m still, now at 44, posing for older men in their 60’s. Addicted… As long as there are men that want to see me nude, I will ever stop… The rush I get displayed for them… Their reactions… excitement… desire… compliments! All for me! I don’t want a cure… but know I do realize that I am a sex addict. Life’s too short! I guess I could be doing much worse!
“Lisa Vegas” or “Lisa Mintoni” or “Lisa Viva”
However, you may know me, I hope this explains, maybe some of why we met and how we interacted.
My question… Am I the only one? Or m I the only one that admits it?

April 04, 2020, 09:39:37 AM
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I am very sex addicted person, I cannot live without it at all. I need sex at least one time a day that is why this site is saving my life big time https://escort4u.co.il/

April 04, 2020, 10:42:54 PM
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I can relate to so much of what you said. I am 40 and love to be seen naked. I have an obsession with fucking my husband by a window with the curtains open so the neighbors can see. But we try to pretend it’s random and we don’t know anyone can see. We fuck on the dining room table, in the living room right in front of huge windows and our newest favorite is fucking in the hot tub on our back patio. If I see a neighbor outside or see them in their window I pull my tits out and find ways to bounce them, like running up the steps real quick😄 Always pretending it’s random and not on purpose. My husband doesn’t want the cops called on us but I want to take it to the next level and fuck on our balcony in broad daylight, moaning with tits bouncing. I want to touch my pussy out on the balcony for everyone to watch, I want to answer my front door naked when the mailman comes and I want to slide a finger in my pussy right in front of him. I’m addicted to sex and being naked and I need to cum at least twice a day. It just keeps getting more and more intense. Yesterday I fucked my husband ALL day, probably about every hour. I couldn’t stop. I would rip my pants off and start touching myself and tell him I need to be fucked again. He was in the kitchen eating after he had just eaten me out and I climbed on him, pulled his cock out, sucked it and rode him in the chair for about 20 minutes until I came. About an hour after that I fucked him in the shower. I asked him to lick my pussy about another hour later. Sometimes I don’t necessarily want to be fully eaten out, I just want him to lick my pussy, like my asshole and lick my tits. I can usually cum eventually from all of that.  I cum more than he does. He cums 2-3 times a day most days. He’s amazing and always satisfies me. That’s why I just want more and more and I want the neighbors to see how great we fuck. I want them to see how amazing my tits and my pussy look at 40 years old. Most people don’t think I’m over 30. He loves to watch my toes curl and watch the cum leak out on him. If I could spend the whole day riding him I would, literally. I never thought it was possible to have so many orgasms in one day because this is new for me. I love to be bent over and pounded too but There’s nothing I love more though than fucking in front of the window and looking up and seeing my neighbor mowing his lawn and looking over. He watched us titty fuck in the hot tub last week and I pretended I didn’t realize he was watching.  This summer I want to sit out in our front lawn like we are just chilling, and I want my husband to stick his hand up my skirt and I’ll moan so the neighbors can hear. Then I want to climb on him and ride him with my clothes still on. Or, after he fingers me he can put his face up my skirt and eat me out. Maybe we won’t get the cops called if we’re not naked. I want to be playing cornhole or something in the yard and just have him bend me over randomly, make me cum, and then keep playing. I would let him fuck me on the side of the road with cars driving by. I need it...

April 04, 2020, 11:05:01 PM
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I don’t see how more women aren’t like you and me. I guess I can’t relate to quiet, private sex and only doing it sometimes. I workout and I’m in really good shape but I’ve been blessed with naturally big tits. My husband tells his friends all the time that he can’t believe how perfect my tits are. Am I conceited? I feel like I’m just being realistic. I’ve obviously seen other women’s pussies and a lot of them look gross. I’ve always been told I have an incredible pussy. All these compliments make me want to show it off. I know how much men love sex and I LOVE the thought of pleasing them, making them masturbate when they watch me fuck my husband. I guarantee our neighbor Jerry jacks off after he watches us. Sometimes when I see him outside I just want to be blunt and ask him “what else do you want to see? What’s your favorite? Do you like it better when he eats me out or when we fuck?” I’ve fantasized about just letting Jerry either play with my tits or slide a finger in my pussy, but only long enough to get him really hard and turned on. Then leave 😄I’m not attracted to him and I have no desire to fuck anyone else. I’m just obsessed with making men hard and making them want me. Before I was married I fucked a lot of unatttractive guys because it turned me on to know I was way out of their league and I could only imagine how turned on they were. Some would go crazy. I never fucked a guy who didn’t tell me I was the most incredible fuck they’d ever had. That’s why I just kept doing it. I wanted to keep hearing it and watching them squirm. I’m very girl next door looking so I’m sure that adds to their desire. It comes to men as a surprise to see this mom/housewife who can’t stop fucking and under my baggy clothes I have incredible tits...


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