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Author Topic: intense sensations

January 07, 2020, 04:07:34 AM
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hi! i'm 23 now and have been having sex since i was 18, mostly condom sex, sometimes with a girl and mostly with a good buddy.

i really enjoy edging and prolonging my pleasure for as long as i can tease my body.
when i finally let myself cum, the cum load is really huge.

but what i want to do is feel intense sensations while lasting long before cumming, and also increase my orgasm in the end.
it's already awesome but i'm looking for ways to increase the sensations. especially when using even the thinnest condoms.

i want to blow my senses away while having sex. and i want to feel a totally mind-blowing, body shuddering orgasm.

open to any suggestions...  8)

January 07, 2020, 09:00:07 PM
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Only used a condom once so not sure if I'll be helpful there, but have you tried any toys to help out?

January 08, 2020, 03:44:08 AM
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hey dude, thanks! no, i've never been interested in sex toys. neither is my buddy. but maybe we can look into it.

i was thinking something more physical, like getting better at edging and teasing our bodies, lasting long, cumming hard and feeling a totally awesome orgasm in the end.

i know some guys talk of "multiple dry orgasms." where a guy can get to feel many little but very intense orgasms ripple through his body, without cumming. that's what i'd like! if my 23 year old body can feel it, i wanna feel it, haha!!

that with lots of practice, a guy can control his body and feel as many little orgasms as he wants, and not cum until the last huge orgasm in the end, with crazy cum loads. they say it's so fucking intense it almost knocks them out!!

man, laying down on top of my hot buddy and feel that would be fuckin awesome!! any guys out there do this??
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