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Author Topic: If the woman suddenly stops while having sex, and the man continues, is it consi

March 25, 2020, 10:06:05 PM
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First of all, if rape is considered, I think this is the most supportive side of feminism. The old lady said that she would have to stop, and it would be against the will of the woman, and she would be arrested and castrated! My JJ is shaking. http://moglovers.com
 Well, one of the biggest problems on this side is that, contrary to the animal nature of humans, positioning people as perfect saints, and humans are also a kind of animals. In the face of orgasm, can people freely control or rationally control their own The ability to orgasm. If this man is about to orgasm, and you suddenly stop, can anyone in the world do it? Sexual intercourse is a coherent action. During mating, humans return to the most primitive breeding state of an animal. In this state, it is against human nature to require human reason.
 The application of this example in contemporary law is continuous behavior. The most famous one is the previous killings in Kunshan. I think everyone knows that the whole country is flourishing. A person is under self-protection and picks up a machete on the ground to chop the other person to death. When the machete was picked up, the attacker had no ability to attack. At this time, the party could be said to be safe, but the party continued to hack and kill the killer, which resulted in the killer being hacked. Finally, the battery car owner was acquitted. A key factor in determining whether this is self-defense is continuous behavior. When someone who is endangering your life attacks you, let a self-defense person calmly judge which actions are reasonable and which actions are unreasonable. To what extent self-defense is reasonable is not in line with objective reality. Battery car owners continue to slash BMW owners. This is a continuous defense action, which is called the principle of no concession in the United States, and it is precisely for this reason.
From the standard of continuous sexual behavior, we can conclude that when the woman entered the woman's body, the woman did not object, then it cannot be regarded as rape, because sexual intercourse is also a continuous sexual activity until the end of ejaculation. This is a continuous course of behavior, which cannot be separated and starts to agree. Even if it is agreed, it cannot be regarded as rape.
 Another reason why it ca n’t be rape is to prevent love from happening. If half-doing is called rape, then there is no man who dares to have sex. Originally, it was 3,000 to find a lady. Now the lady suddenly called to stop. Sorry, you raped. It ’s over 30,000. The elder brother raped him for more than three years and a term of imprisonment for less than ten years. Not only did he go to jail, but his job was gone. That unit dared to ask for a rapist? Human nature was good, but life was handed over in one go, so the more people retaliated against society, the more men who raped or raped women in revenge. This was very harmful to social security. The ultimate victim was women.
 But the question is, if it ’s not rape, is n’t it because they have the right to regret it, for example, when they are doing it, suddenly the woman feels uncomfortable and feels wrong. I want to shit, can I stop? Do n’t laugh, I have encountered cases where sex is half shit, so when I violated the will of the woman or the party, I was forced to have sexual intercourse. Is there any essential difference from rape? No, so it ’s not right to be rape.
 See, no matter how difficult it is for you to judge, then someone said, you need to analyze the specific situation, let ’s not talk about the difficulty of obtaining evidence, because you ca n’t take the ideology of people, you do n’t know what this woman is saying is true The words are still false. In the future, the development of science and technology may appear like the prophets in the movie "Minority Report", which can detect human criminal consciousness through brain waves of the human brain and arrest them before they want to commit crimes. It is also against ethics. Is it right to arrest a person by consciousness before committing a violation? For example, a pedophile who looks at a child's photos every day is obscene, but there is no behavioral violation against the child. Can I be convicted of a crime? Worth us thinking.
 So good, since it is difficult to judge whether it is rape or not, so some people have proposed a behavior judgment method, that is, you cannot just shout that it is not impossible, you must have physical resistance. Your mouth is shouting no, who knows if you are saying do n’t stop, or do n’t you, right? I thought you were very interesting. If you have physical resistance, if women have actual resistance, but men do n’t If it doesn't stop, it's considered rape.
 But the problem is here again. The disparity between men and women makes it difficult to resist during sexual intercourse. Post-placement is okay. If it is male, the whole body of the man is over the woman, how heavy the man is, woman How to resist? You tell me, and although you say no to your mouth, there is still a sense of pleasure in your physiology. If you say no to your mouth, your body is always soft and hard to resist. How this problem is solved by activists is also a problem.
Therefore, on the basis of activists, there is another view of segmentation. The view of segmentation believes that it is possible to divide sexual intercourse into countless critical moments, a bit like calculus. Divide a whole into countless copies, and then find the key. Nodes are counted with a formula, and the sum is finally added. For example, sex between men and women can also be divided into different stages, foreplay, caressing, oral sex, sexual intercourse, intermittent periods, repeat these key points, and then specifically determine the state of excitement and investment of each key point, such as foreplay, caressing During the stage and even oral sex, although excited, it did not reach an uncontrollable situation, so if women say no at this stage, men continue to count as rape, but during sexual intercourse and genital friction, men cannot control themselves and therefore do not count as rape.
 This segmentation group has indeed improved a lot. It is more specific and meticulous to analyze the problem, but it is still not comprehensive and objective. For example, for young people, sexual desire is one thing. Do n’t say kiss me, you let me see the tits. My JJ is hard and uncomfortable. For another example, some people just do not foreplay, they just slap directly, some people also like sm, each person's sexuality excitement point is different, some people do not have much interest in genital insertion, but in some Foreplay time is full of fun. The problem with segmentation is that it does not take into account human sexuality and sexual threshold.
 There is another group called the compromise group. They are very clever. Since this "rapid braking" is not as serious as rape, but it can not promote this kind of disrespect for women, then downgrade, such as insignificant crime, but Even if it is indecent scope, it is very serious. The law stipulates that the term of imprisonment is less than 5 years. Therefore, the situation shown in Article 1 still exists, and sexual intercourse is blackmail, so the compromisers simply invented another relatively neutral crime. It is called the crime of uncivilized sexual intercourse. Here, the Pippi Racing Civilization Committee also reminds you: the first one is not standardized, the love between two lovers blossoms! http://moglovers.com
Hey, what's going on, why should I say this? !! Well, no matter what, we continue to say that the compromisers believe that uncivilized sexual intercourse should be criticized and educated, but not subject to any substantial punishment. Now the problem is always solved. But if convicted in this way, it implies the occurrence of such behavior, and the possibility of turning this behavior into a reasonable behavior in disguise.
 Therefore, in summary, it is difficult to get the best of both worlds by any means. This is the origin of the rape paradox. No one can solve this problem well today. If you have any good ideas, please leave a message to discuss it! muah! http://moglovers.com


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