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Author Topic: GF and I having issues in bed. Both pretty inexperienced and young

May 14, 2019, 12:15:49 AM
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Background info: My gf and I have been together for six months. My past sexual encounters was with one girl whom I only received oral from and nothing more. She had been involved sexually with two other guys who were very experienced before me.

So me and my gf have a good relationship but the sex has always been subpar. I was learning from the beginning since I was new and quite frankly not doing it right. We both stated it felt like something was missing and it definitely was. She expressed that she enjoys rough sex. Me being a beginner I didnt know exactly what that meant. I got very good at oral sex. She said I was the best she ever had and came in my mouth numerous times. However when it came to intercourse we were not getting the same results due to us both being overweight and lack of passion. I would suggest stuff but I could sense she was not being honest with me. I pressed the issue until we had a hug argument.

One of the sad things about her past bfs is that they had sex TO her not WITH her. This seems to be one of the worst things you can do to a virgin. She explained to me that because she was never taught, she cant teach me. She explained to me that she cant tell me to do what they did because I am not them. They were more experienced and knew what they were doing and if I were to do it she would tell me to stop.

To a degree I understand this but I also dont at the same time. I understand sex with every person is different, but if something feels good, why is it difficult to simply say do it? On the flipside I understand because as I told her my ex has little to no gag reflex so oral was much faster and harder. Although I feel as a virgin those are not the same and I am not understanding something here. I am honestly more upset she wasnt fully honest with me about her getting bored with sex when I have openly asked numerous times for her to communicate with me. She complains that I never give her the chance to intitiate and she is not used to having to be so assertive during sex.

Please help me before this relationship falls apart.

May 24, 2019, 09:06:08 AM
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June 05, 2019, 12:08:13 PM
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Just go easy at first okay. But if she says she likes it rough it usually means that YOU don't ask her what to do since that pretty much breaks the immersion. Start by choking her pretty gently then as you can start fucking faster and while you do that you should start choking harder (but not so hard she can't breath at all but you can do it pretty rough.). Also when you change positions pretty much don't ask her just do it, move her the way you want her and keep a physical contact not so she is hurting but like so she feels like shes handled by a man. And if you feel like you can't endure long sessions of fucking hard and fast you can always take a break and give a hard finger fuck and maybe even spank a little and see if she likes it. (finger her ass in doggy is a good one too) just start with these and if she likes em go crazy with imagination. And consider yourself kinda lucky since there are a lot of women who only lay like a fucking fish in the bed. Good luck with it!

July 04, 2019, 04:33:17 PM
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I wouldn’t try any of that.  Well, maybe soggy but here’s what you need to do.

First and foremost, you gotta hang around naked.  Get rid of all inhibitions cause you two are a couple now.

Second, you gotta go down on her.  This is an art form and it takes practice.  Remember your tongue and her clit have to bond.  But take your time, lick and kiss her breasts first.  Kiss her many times. Go back and forth.  Work your way down there.  And when you’re there, stay awhile. 

Teach yourself to breath through your ears!   lol

But really, stay there till she cums.  Has orgasm.  Till she pulls your ears off.

As for her giving you oral.  Give her time and space..... maybe she has a gay friend she can talk too?  Or a girlfriend.  If you have to coax thru just remember it’ll take time and don’t try to correct her gag reflex all at once.

When it comes to actual intercourse, start slow and deep. Take it out, rub it around, put it back in, learn to to do it without your hand.

Hard and fast is ok but it has its time and place. 

Practice practice practice


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