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Author Topic: First time for us both and I'm nervous (guy 24)

November 14, 2019, 09:29:40 AM
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So I met my girlfriend in early May and made things official on 11th Sept.. I'm 24 and this is only my 2nd ever relationship (first one lasted about 3 weeks) meanwhile she's 19 and I'm her first ever bf which is why I think we've taken things slow.

We had a weekend away at the end of October, stayed in a hotel and my first thought was we were going to finally have sex the saturday night, but as it happened she 'came on' that morning which ruined the plan. I told her truthfully in the hotel in bed that night that I'd brought condoms in my wallet and my intention was for that to happen so long as she wanted it to. She sounded really up for it and said how much she'd have loved that and how we will have to do something once shes back to normal. She started asking me if I'd ever had sex before to which I truthfully told her no, I then asked her and to my surprise shes a virgin too (I known shes never had a bf but I do know she's had flings in the past and shes a very good looking girl so I thought she's defo done something).

So now I've booked a hotel for this weekend, just because both our houses are small with parents next door.. I think it's common knowledge to us both whats going to happen but I'm a tad nervous as want it to all go right. One issue I have when she's giving me handjobs is I go off way too soon, often we are making out and I'm already fully 'up' before she even touches it, then she starts stroking and I just can't hold it.. really don't want this to happen. I just want it to be special for us both and me not make a mess of it. This may also sound ridiculous but generic sex videos have never been my think for masturbating either so it's not even like I've learnt a lot from clips either.. really feel like I'm going in blind.

November 15, 2019, 06:59:54 AM
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Captain Black

First of all don't worry about being trigger happy . That is normal when you havn't had much sex as your appendage will be very sensitive . Also don't worry too much if it doesn't quite work out. Many including myself felt clumsy and unsure the first time we had sex.

Because you havn't stated it I am assuming that your girl isn't taking any form a contraception like the pill .

I applaud you for using condoms as these are vital as both of you will be very fertile at your ages.

As you pointed out you are both very nervous, I would do some sort of activity when you are both naked so you can get used to seeing each other in the nude. I am assuming here that neither of you have body confidence issues. If so adjustments may need to be made . A good nerve settler is playing something like Naked Twister which will get you both laughing and more relaxed. Just a note of caution . When you are stiff you may notice precum discharging as you will be sexually excited . Its important that you keep this way from your girls vital area as it will contain a small amount of sperm . Enough to get a girl pregnant if you are not careful .

If your still hard I would recommend that you get sheathed up before you start anything intimate and make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and free of precum .

My late father advised me in one of his "penny" lectures that a woman's body is like a new car. It needs warming up first and this is were foreplay comes into play. A woman's body has many delicate areas apart from the obvious ones. Sometimes the ears and ear nibbling can be a turn on. Another area is the neck and also the inner thighs. I would caress and kiss these areas first before stroking her obvious parts. What you are trying to achieve is to get her body ready for making love. A good indication of this is when she gets very moist in her delicate area. Because your so trigger happy it may be a good idea to limit her touches on your appendage as you don't want to shoot your load too soon.

When she is ready probably the easiest beginners position is going to be the missionary position . Check it out on the internet if your unsure how to position each other . It may best for her to guide your appendage into her . Once done then try gentle rocking movements until you shoot your load.

Once done don't be hasty to fall to sleep . Cuddle your girl and reassure her as she could be quite emotional . Before both of you settle down to sleep it may be a good idea to shower and get yourselves cleaned up .

If you feel confident enough try morning sex the same way.

Good luck

November 17, 2019, 11:01:30 PM
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  Okay so the first thing I tell everyone is that it's going to be awkward. So many people watch porn and see that "fake" chemistry and assume that that's going to happen when it isn't. Sex especially sex with someone you love and care about is extremely awkward. Me and my girlfriend have some of the best sexual chemistry I have ever had but it's still awkward for us sometimes. I remember the first night we had sex she preferred the lights off due to her being a little self conscious and I couldn't see where or what I was doing. We were laughing and giggling and just exploring each other.
  Next thing is to take it slow and explore her body. Don't rush to be inside her or anything but instead take it slow and have foreplay and lots of kissing. One thing my girl has (yours may have these too) are trigger spots on her body where she will go absolutely weak in the knees when I nibble or bite them. Explore her and see if she has any of these spots. Also I know being a "quick shooter" is a fear a lot of men have. One simple way to counter this is to masturbate as this will naturally desensitize the nerves in the penis. However there are also numbing lubes and condoms will also help alleviate this too. Honestly just have fun and explore each other and get to know one another. Be open and honest with each other about what you both like and dislike,


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