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Author Topic: Did I push it too far or was it just about right?

July 06, 2019, 05:53:39 PM
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So my bf and I took a trip to Mexico. We both work together and he is significantly older than me (27 to 55).
Friday afternoon, he had a kidney stone attack, so we thought the trip would be off. He managed to pass the stone 3 hours before we had to be at the airport, so we just made it. I dont know much about them, but I heard it was like having a baby for a man which would explain why he screamed when it passed!

So, we make it to the airport, the flight goes well. We get to Mazatlan. The first thing Jerry wanted to do was to take a nap since he got no sleep the night before. Afterwards we go out for dinner and go walking. We got back to the hotel room and I was in that frisky mood. It started on the bed with just kissing. Before you know it, both of our clothes were coming off. I kept my panties on and straddled him while we kissed some more. I got off him and layed on my back and he got between my legs and pulled my panties off. I pulled him in and we kissed more. I grabbed my phone and connected it to a bluetooth speaker and put on some Lady Gaga and we got down to Poker Face and Bad Romance. I straddled him, he pulled his foreskin back and went into me as hard as any guy ever has and I rode him with everything I had and to my surprise he stayed hard forever it seemed like. I think he unloaded everything he had into me. We changed positions multiple times and it really was one of those love making fests that you dream about having one day. I never thought an older guy could be so good at love making, and figured he was still sore after suffering through that stone.

We left a few days later and ended up having a terrific vacation. When we got back to work, of course there was gossip and people wanted to know about us and how Jerry was doing after his ordeal.