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Author Topic: Confused? Fiance loves me but loves sex with blackmen?

May 16, 2020, 05:45:03 AM
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My fiance and I have been together almost 7 years now. In the beginning, she would initiate sex occasionally.  We would talk dirty sex talk and 2 years in had a threesome with a black man then again 2 years later.  I also found out she just started dating black men for a few months right before we got together. Pretty much just sexual with several in a few months prior to us hooking up, she told me.
As time went by over the years, I look back and realize she hasn't initated sex at all, not physically, verbally, nothing.  If I wouldn't initiate would we even have sex?
We talk dirty during sex, usually her fucking a BBC or watch interracial porn and it's fun. 
Even recently had  another threesome with a black man, this time I wasn't there to watch like the previous encounters, and she ended up sleeping overnight and when she got home told me all about the events.
First though, I had anal sex with her a few times our first 2 years, the last 5 tried tried and tried til i felt it was useless. She didn't want to let me, fir this reason or that reason.  She told me the black guy she was with recently climaxed in her ass 6 times.  Ok I felt hurt and angry I said seriously, you wouldn't let me but him, she stated he was did this and took his time, I said the same way i did, plus this guy was bigger.  Her words were he us huge compared to you.  She let me enter her ass that night, I didn't even hardly have to work it, slid in easy and after she told me  I thought of him, and wished it was his cock in my ass.
I've mentioned us breaking up and her being with a black man but she doesn't want to, she says she loves me and is in love with me
Looking for some advice and insight, what should I do??? Thanks


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