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Author Topic: Bisexual girlfriend would have sex with a girl but not a boy

December 05, 2019, 04:46:38 AM
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Hello, everyone! This is my first post, let's get right to it, here's some information about my relationship:

We've been together for about 5 months but we've loved each other for a lot longer and we both know it. It's a long-distance relationship for now, I'm 18M and she's 19F. Our relationship is really strong and healthy, we're always honest and talk through any problems we may have.

The problem here is my sexual feelings, so first some background on that. My sexual feelings have always been something I've been uncomfortable with until recently, when me and my girlfriend talked through it and I finally came to accept my feelings. She's sexual too and have fantasies just like me so that's no different there. We're just very open with that stuff now which I'm glad that we are. The problem here is that ever since I accepted my feelings my sex drive has increased by a lot, I know we can't have sex anytime soon anyways because of the distance but it is something I want it the future. The difference with us is that she doesn't. She's bisexual and told me she can only imagine having sex with girls (she has fantasies of me though cuz duh we love each other) and that she wouldn't want to have sex with a boy. On the other hand she leans more towards boys than girls, we both agreed her mind works in mysterious ways haha. Anyways, that is what my problem is. I know I have to respect my girlfriend and never expect to have sex with her, but it's really difficult for my mind to accept that. It bothers me to think I might stay a virgin forever. Any advice what I could do? Maybe there is medicine for decreasing my sexual drive? Or something else I can/should do? I'm going to talk more about this with my girlfriend later today so maybe any advice on what to say to her?

It's a long-distance relationship for now. Both me and my girlfriend are sexual but the difference is that sex is nothing she would want to ever do with a boy (she's bisexual but leans more towards boys). This bothers me a lot since my sexual drive is stronger than it has been in the past and the thought of staying a virgin my whole life bothers me. What can I do to deal with my feelings? Take some medicine to decrease sex drive or is there anything else I can/should do? I'm going to talk to my girlfriend about this later today, any advice what to say to her?


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