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A sex chat forum for everyone: singles, bisexuals, gays, Christians, pregnant moms, married couples, swingers.. simply put, everyone that’s capable of having sex and is above the legal age of consent can use this sex chat room. It’s free after all. We can’t stress enough that this isn’t a place to try and find other people to have sex with, however, a place to openly talk about your problems and concerns that you may have with your sexual wellbeing. Please read our rules before posting and signing up, our team actively moderate this sex chat forum and those that abuse the rules will be permanently banned from this room.

If you’re having issues with sex in a relationship, or you plan to lose your virginity in the near future and have a few questions that you'd like to ask the members of this sex talk forum, then please do, we’re all here to help and to talk sex. The members of this forum aren’t qualified experts in sexual wellbeing, rather day-to-day individuals that have experienced the same issues at some stage of their life. We’re all human, we all have questions and this is what this sex talk forum is for, expect advice from the everyday person.

This sex talk forum can be used to:

  • • Engage with other members of the forum on the topic of sex and to freely ask sex questions, free of charge;
  • • Sign up to a free chat sex forum and to ask questions, answer questions and to gossip;
  • • Discuss everything and anything related to sex, such as sex positions, STI’s, enhancing sex drive, discussing sex toys, libido and anything else that comes to mind;
  • • A place to seek advice and guidance on a topic that you’re concerned about, and to find reassurance;
  • • A sex chat group that’s full of everyday people that come from all backgrounds, life experiences, preferences and beliefs.
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