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Author Topic: what do you think of his behaviour?

July 02, 2019, 10:08:04 AM
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Never date younger guy?!
Hello everyone,

English isn't my native language sorry for that. On Tinder, I met 22 y.o. Erasmus guy from Portugal. In the beginning, he was just fun to me and way to practice English because of his age. I'm 26 y.o.But we started to spend every single day together, travel, simply doing everything together. He even went for my tennis match from his own initiative and met my family. Since that moment things got more serious for me. When I was leaving for vacation we had a talk about our future. He even told me that he wants to try a long distance relationship and he could find a job over summer here. So I truly believed he wants something more. After vacation we met again, it seemed to be awkward. Suddenly he told me he's been chatting with some French Erasmus girl in Porto who had met when he was going back for a week (we didn't know each other before). He really likes her and wants to be with her (he will meet just for one day before she goes back to France). I was shocked, felt betrayed and so angry. He knew from the beginning he will end for us like this. He let me hurt anyway, said all things which gave me hope. I'm not usually a naive person, for me, these were signs he wants to be with me. I was ready to build something with me when we finish our uni. I couldn't believe out of nowhere he changed his mind he defended his behaviour that he didn't know he will meet her again. I guess otherwise I would be his second option, so disgusting...How he could just throw away our relationship so quickly and want to start a new one with a girl who barely knows. I'm still thinking why he did what's wrong with me (most of the time this happens to me - I'm replaced by another girl). It hit my self-confidence. I also feel that I was just his companion all the time, he didn't have any feelings for me. Losing him isn't that big deal for me but the trust yes which will affect in future. I'm starting to lose hope to find somebody normal.

I would love to hear your opinion on this. Possibly from the man side, if they think his behaviour was okay if they've done something similar. How you would deal with this.

Thank you

July 02, 2019, 03:23:50 PM
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July 04, 2019, 09:44:11 PM
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He seems very young and immature, unsure of what he wants. I would try not to let it affect your self esteem or crush you because in all honesty, it probably wasn't personal. He would've done that to anyone and I'm sure he's going to end up doing it to the next woman.


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