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Author Topic: We broke up but I still love him

March 19, 2019, 04:37:19 PM
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Okay so be prepared for some back story.

I’m a sophomore in high school. Earlier this year I started dating a guy named liam, he was a junior had been known as a “f*ckboy” loved his car and was a sax player in marching band. At the time, I had just been broken up with at the end of the year (I stated dating liam in late August) and he had been flirting with me dispite already having a girl, I told him it was her or me, he broke up with her and we starting dating soon after. Fast forward to the beginning of the year, everything had been going great it was like a dream first day of school though when he’s driving me home he tells me about a girl named Emma, a foreign exchange student from Italy. She has a crush on him. I of course immediately don’t like her, but liam kept promising me he’d never leave me for her, she was leaving at the end of the year after all. Now, over time, I could see he was starting to like her, our relationship had gone over some obstacles lately  and I was scared he’d leave me, after all a lot of people rumored he was cheating on me with her.  I talked to him about it, and he said he could never speak to her again if I wanted him too, I realize now I should have said yes more then anything, but I said no because his last friends moved away and I didn’t want him without someone to talk to other then me. Couple weeks around Christmas  (few weeks after he asked) he started getting distant and I got worried, then he texted me day of Christmas break to tell me that he wanted to take a break, that he loved me and I’ve made him happy.I was okay with it because I thought we would get back together, next day however he’s posting in his story about Emma. This happened for a month and a half until he admitted they were dating. Through that time period I had constantly nagged him about what was going on, was he dating emma or not, did he ever love me, I didn’t really understand what was going on, he kept telling me they weren’t dating I need to calm down. Later on after he’d had enough of my temper tantrum he finally sat down with me to talk, admitted that he was taking a break to see who he loved more and that he messed up not telling me straightforwardly, I never got to ask if was really ever going to come back, he said he loved her and wanted to be with her. He drove her to school everyday (he used to drive me but my parents didn’t like it). He always saw her everyday in class, of course he’d fall more ”in love” with her. The “break” was her idea,  because of that I guess you could say I’ve always remained hopeful. I still love him, 3 months later I still think of him, I’m still jealous, I still cry over him. I have already received “closure” in a way but I’m not sure if he’d ever want to get back together. I keep trying to move on but it’s like I just can’t every guy isn’t him, I’m waiting until she leaves the country to see what happens. I know I can make the relationship work, but I don’t think he really wants me back. What we had was special, to me at least, he was the first guy to care, I trusted him greatly, and he was always able to keep me calm when I stressed out. Everyone thinks it’s a bad idea, his friends think I’m annoying, but can I really be blamed for acting out looking for answers?

What should I do? Do any of you have advice? Did we just meet at the wrong time?
Should I try to get back with him?
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