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Author Topic: We both loved each other

November 07, 2019, 01:46:35 AM
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I've just found this site because I'm so lonely after a break up and just really need to tell someone about it.
My boyfriend, the most kind thoughtful caring person, asked me to marry him several months ago and I said no :-(
Sounds stupid I know but I wasn't ready to make such a big decision.

We have known each other for a year and I've spent literally all my free time with him. I've lost all my other friends because I was spending so much time with my boyfriend. My family didn't like him because he's not from the same culture as me. I felt so pressured from both sides. He told me I had to choose my family or him and I didn't think I should have to choose between.

His goals in life and the things he enjoyed doing were different to what I want to do with my life. I've never been so upset and confused in my life. I loved being with him but there are other things I want to do too that makes a permanent future with him seem very difficult. We officially broke up a couple of months ago but we were both so upset at breaking up that we still continued spending just as much time with each other as before just changed the relationship title.

He told me on Monday that he wants to start dating another girl because of his goals in life. I know he has every right to do so. While he was telling me about wanting to date another girl he told me that he'd still marry me if I chose him. It was awful. We both cried so hard. I haven't been able to eat for days and I've just wandered around the house not knowing what to do. Even breathing is difficult. I miss him so much and it's only been 2 days. I knew it had to end and I don't want to keep being friends like he suggested while he's with someone else. My heart is broken. How can I cope?

November 12, 2019, 08:41:30 AM
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You didn't let us know why your family don't like him. Is he is a criminal? drug addict? alcoholic? What is wrong with him? What do you mean another culture? Religion?
If he is a normal man, it looks like you are going to destroy your life.
If you are both in love and he is a serious man that offer you marriage, speak with your parents, tell them how you are unhappy without him, especially with mother, she should understand you.
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