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Author Topic: Was Friends with ex now he wont talk to me :(

March 26, 2019, 08:32:05 PM
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My ex and I didn't have a long relationship but it was intense and quite the whirlwind! Things started to head south when he couldn't maintain the person he was when he was trying to win me over. Our eventual break up was due to religious differences which I understood but its not as clear cut as that. Our feelings and intensity for one another hadn't changed. Over the next month or two we worked through our break up often falling back into relationship habits but all the while knowing we were broken up. We entered a 'grey area' and started to use one another, me emotionally and him physically. With emotions still running high we would still argue about things. For me because not much had changed I'd still get upset about the same things, or I'd get jealous (he did too once). I had always had a problem with him ignoring me or running away from fights. We'd eventually patch things up (mostly from my doing). During making up he would be most reassuring and kind, he would still me that he still likes me and he'd call me babe and tell me things that i wanted to hear - it made me feel great. But the arguments started to become more frequent and we both started to become more annoyed with each other. But I believed in the value of some friendship between us despite him seeming not so keen. We both had different expectations for 'us'. Just yesterday evening he said he had had enough and that we shouldn't speak anymore, that it will suck for a while but we'll both overcome it and he's sorry.

I've had very mixed emotions. I'm angry and sad that he just want to cut off all contact with me and it feels like he no longer cares but I also removed him off all social media since I didn't want to become obsessive with his activities (some of which I called in to question a few times). I know this might be for the best and what we've been doing is unhealthy. But i still want to feel like I mattered or that this does effect him some way, that he still might miss me. Maybe after some months I hope to get in contact again to create a 'new normal', but I'm worried he's either angry at me or wants to through me away completely :(. He would always tell me how much he enjoyed talking to me and that his feelings hadn't change, but I'm not sure what's happened now.


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