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Author Topic: Was Friends with ex now he wont talk to me :(

March 31, 2019, 06:33:23 PM
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My ex broke up with me 2 months ago, but we remained talking and acting pretty much the same except we weren't official anymore. My attachment to him remained the same and he seemed to have not changed either. But I slowly started to notice changes. He would suddenly stop talking to me or hours or days at a time. He's come back and say he was busy or that I can't expect him to always get back to me straight away because we're not together. We started to argue a lot more but would always patch things back up. I started to feel used and expressed this and he would deny it. Within the last week everything has changed. He says that we should no longer speak anymore and I was crushed. It was like he had dumped me again. I removed him off all social media as I didn't want to become obsessive with watching his social media (as I had slowly started too). We were doing long distance, so 3 days after this happened I messaged him asking if we could grab a drink and end things on a better note. He didn't message me back until I sent a follow up message asking if he wanted to meet. He said that he wanted to see me and that he didn't like how things ended but he was going to catch up with some other friends and didn't want me to think he was avoiding me on purpose. I messaged him back the next day and he's seen my message but now ignoring me again. I was very kind and upbeat in my messages to him but it seems to have made no difference. I don't know why he's ignoring me or how he might be feeling and I feel frustrated and confused and hurt. Why say the things he did but the outcome is still the same? Did he not mean it?

April 07, 2019, 10:29:46 AM
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Your ex potentially found a new partner and maybe he is not allowed to speak with you anymore. If you and or ex have been good friends before you guys started dating then there is a good chance that he will come back and try to rekindle a friendship. If he doesn’t though, do not rely on him. Try to put yourself out there and move on. Ik it is easier said than done, but if ur ex sees that ur moving on then maybe he will reach out to again because right now you may come off as being “clingy” to him.


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