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Author Topic: Urgent help. Break up involving children.

May 13, 2019, 06:19:40 AM
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Hi all. My partner cheated on me a week ago and the night before she cheated on me, she told me she wasn't happy anymore. I found out a day after she cheated and I confronted her. She swore nothing happened and she said she's not been happy for a while even though we have been talking about our future with us and the kids a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago she also said she didn't know whether she wanted us to carry on because she wasn't happy but we had a lot going on at this point so I put it down the that. Although I now know this was the time when she met someone else and started to message him. Her friend felt bad and told me that she did infact cheat on me when she met another man last week. Our whole family knows what has happened and I said I'd move out. I'm currently at my mothers house on the sofa and as she works at the moment and I don't, I've been going back to house to look after the children whilst she works. I've hopefully secured a job and told her that when I'm working that because the children live with her she'll have to quit her job so I can work. She hates this idea but has agreed. She has also asked me to look after the children at night so that she can go and meet up with the guy she has cheated on me with. I've been ignoring any messages and have been trying to see her as less as possible for 2 days now. I'm asking for advice on how to deal with this as I feel I shouldn't be looking after the kids whilst she works. I feel like I should stay away and every 3 days maybe I should see the kids for a couple of hours and do the same when I start my job soon. What would you do?

June 13, 2019, 02:57:53 AM
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Make yourself and the kids your priority.

If you are comfortable seeing the kids while she’s with the other guy then do so. If you’re not then simply say no


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