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Author Topic: Short term relationship really confused of what happened

February 10, 2020, 12:02:05 PM
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Hello I'm just 22 years old boy
Many of you may think nahh it's just an unexperienced kid with no real interest in love. But due to my personality I get on people pretty well and the bad side is I fall for them easily.
One month ago I started chatting with a girl. She is pretty cute and felt smart to me. But the problem was she was just a 19 and from what she said she has no experience in love. I thought OK no problem I will try to be a good guy as much as possible. We had good times through one and half month time everything was good I did my best and she tried too. She told about me to her family and I met with her sister and her mother gave me some kind of religious things to keep me safe. I thought OK this is girl I was looking for and in the moment she said I love you I decided to leave everything and concentrate and her. But actually the day I heard I love you was turning point in our relationship. Since that day everything became cold she started to act cold and stopped answering my calls and don't even mention about meeting she never met me again. I know it's really short time but I was through a lot of similar relationships but none of them gave me feeling like this. So I don't want it to end like this. I wanna fight for it. I wake up thinking about her I sleep thinking about her there is no single moment I managed to think about other things. Yeah I accept that I was in one in hurry. But my heart was feeling she is preparing to go so I decided to meet her and got to her house I waited outside of her apartment but she refused to meet and when I asked 3 question she said I still love you but I'm hurting you so let's end here. My questions were simple what am I to you and what are we? And last one was what can I do to make this relationship better she isn't answered a single one and just said you're hurting because of me so let's end. I asked few times before this she always said I will be ok in few days don't worry I just need a time. I don't what happened I can't really understand so any advice will be appreciated.


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