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Author Topic: She wants me back?

June 12, 2019, 03:52:41 PM
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Well I need your guys opinion actually.

Short story: Me and my (ex)girlfriend lived together for 1,5 years. We both loved each other very much and we had future plans. Al tough the last months we had lot of fights and lot of discussion, mostly about my jealousy, my needyness and her depression and not being self secure. But we always tried and tried again and had felt that we loved each other very much.

10 days ago we went to a bar where we had again a (little bit drunk) fight,discussion. It was about my jealousy and her depression, the fight went so far she said it was over, she left and was going out with other people. I went home and the next morning see came home and told me that see had kissed with another guy but she was sorry.

We didn't talk for 3days and eventually I packed my stuff, we had a little talk and I left. She agreed with me that we needed to break up.

For her it seems 100 the relation is over.

Since then I regret my decision to leave. Why? I forgive her for that kissing with the other guy, I made some major mistakes too ( jealousy, emotionally making it difficult for her). And **** I loved her, she loved me and our household was very nice. I WANT HER BACK!!

Since then I tried to call her, texted her and asked for having a talk. She always said no or didn't answer my calls.

Today I did send her a message, that I would get my bike (outside our(her)) house and post my last house key in the mailbox. She did send me a message that it was OK and that she would give me my mail outside the door.

So I went there, took my bike and threw it in my car. I ringed the bell for giving her the key and getting my mail. She opened the door and she was whole beautiful dressed, had new earings and make-up on.

She asked me inside, and I didn't expected that. I went inside and we went to the cough, talking about what we were doing last time, how it was going on work and what the future plans individually are. It was really awkward because I lived there for years and now I'm sitting there like a visitor. The positive thing was that she wanted to talk, I was really chocked by that.

So the conversation was pretty awkward, but we sometimes had a little laugh. I told her twice that she looked beautiful, and I told her that I noticed that she had new earrings. I told all these things in between the conversations. I also told her that I miss her very much. I asked her that she wanted to drink a coffee together one of the next days, and she said yes.

After that the conversation got more awkward and I said I would go to home (mother's house). I stood up and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, telling her I loved her. Than I left.

So: She made me 10/10 sure the break up was definitive, she didn't want to talk. But when I went to her house she wanted to talk, and she was dressed nice, friendly and wanted to had a drink with her.

But did I make a mistake by hugging her and kissing her on the cheek? Did I needed to kiss her on the mouth and stay there? What did she want?

What are your opinions about this?



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