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Author Topic: Need mental support/advice on wife of my best friend

August 10, 2019, 04:49:50 PM
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Not sure if I was going to write this, but here we go.

So very long story, going to make it short: A good friend of me has been married for a couple of years. I’ve known them for about 4 years and all good.

However I started hanging out with his wife more (she’s older) and we really enjoyed our company... so I fell in love and told her. Was excpecting to be laughed with, but she actually liked it and enjoyed talking about it etc.

We started talking a lot about everything. Yes, everything. Nothing happened, but my friend found out and of course he wasn’t happy - not nice from me as well, I know. But that’s love?

After he found out they of course talked about it and she - of course - chose her family. They didn’t talk to me for 4-5 months and now since a couple of months we’re talking again and seeing each other.

It was weird at the start. Scary tbh. But now we can talk normally. However I can’t send any messages to his wife because of what happened and I think about her on a daily basis.

It’s extremely annoying and I find it stupid. Sending her messages is not an option and I also think she’s avoiding me a bit so her husband won’t imagine things anymore and maybe not talk to me again...

So yeah: I still like her very much, but can’t say or send anything. I think about her every day and I don’t know if it will get better. I’d just want to ask her how it’s going or sth, but even that would be a terrible idea.

What do I do? Am I overreacting? I see them almost every weekend and then it’s all good. During the week I miss her loads.

I just hope there will be a day where I can just send her a message asking how it’s going without being afraid her husband will be angry.

I love her, but she’s still a friend in the first place and it’s really annoying that I just can’t talk to her.

Any advice or mental support would be great!



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