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Author Topic: My ex forced me to have sex with him

January 21, 2020, 02:46:10 AM
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Some days I go I broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for 3 years.
I broke up with him because I didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. He is a great guy and those 3 years were amazing. But he was always weird with sex. He insists that he doesn't masturbate when he is alone, and he wanted to have sex ALL THE TIME. Even when I didn't want to have sex. When we broke up, I was really hurt and crying and suddenly, he started saying that he would only leave my house if we had sex under his conditions. I really wanted him to go, it was so painful to have him around cause I knew I would miss him. At first I said yes but I was very uncomfortable... When the time arrived I couldn't and cried... He said he was sorry and stop. He stayed at my home that night, he was not going to leave until we had sex. After that, he started saying that he couldn't sleep, couldn't relax, was very sad and shaking. So I layed down with him trying to calm him down, and out of the sudden he says he wants to fuck me. And it was surprising, i was shocked. I was a little disturbed. I was really sad because we broke up and he only wanted sex...
I let him do it because I wanted him to leave for once. I felt awful. I just wanted to be alone. He didn't last much and it felt bitter, sad, because even tho I tried to enjoy it... I only did it because I wanted him to leave... Not because I genuinly wanted to have sex with him... After that, magically, all the shaking and stuff dissapeared. He went to sleep and I went to my room, I was very disturbed. I was afraid that he would come again to my room while I was sleep and do it again. I cried a lot. I didn't recognize him. He used me like a doll. I felt like a thing, not a person. What kind of person only thinks about sex during a break up??? It hurted me so much and I'm worried about him cause this kind of behaviour is not normal.
The morning after he apologized... But he always does that. He does what he wants and then apologizes. It's unfair. I felt terrible. I don't know how I feel abour him now. We are friends now but I'm afraid to see him again... I'm afraid he'll do it again...
I've been crying for days. I miss him but at the same time I can't stop thinking about that. He took advantage of me. I just wanted him to leave....
How do I stop thinking about this? Should I be worried??? I know this is an abuse... I think he needs help, but I don't know how to help him...
Have you ever experienced something like this?

January 22, 2020, 04:15:05 PM
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i get it that you love him, but girl your degrading yourself for him. no person in this world is worth doing that. at this point its obvious ur scared of him. what u need is to love yourself and give yourself the respect enough to say no and to stay away from this toxic situation. this guy has shredded your confidence, your self respect, your love for yourself thats why he treats you the way he does, and you let him, i dont want to make you feel bad, but you need get over this situation and you need to see things as they are . this is almost considered rape. and mental abuse is sometimes worse than physical abuse because now ur probably gonna need therapy and might even affect you in  future relationships. one last advice, when a man loves you, truly loves you and wants to marry and and go all the way with you , he treats u right. period. at any point during a relations once u start seeing red flags, you need to address them right than and there, because if u let them pass, you will only keep getting them and  next thing  u know this is all you know and the relationship turned toxic , because you failed to put a stop to behavior that you arent happy with since the start. again i dont mean to make u feel worse than you already are and am sorry if what i said is harsh. i hope you feel better and know that there is many of us feeling the pain you feel as well if u need someone to talk to feel free to msg me.

February 11, 2020, 02:19:59 AM
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