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Author Topic: LDR with a Long Time Friend

January 31, 2019, 12:37:45 PM
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Okay, this post probably could of gone in a few of the categories but this one could be the best fit.

I was recently in a relationship with a long time friend (over 20yrs) and she just recently ended it. Let me give it a little more clarity... we became friends 20yrs ago and were in a relationship then but lives took shape and she ended up with someone else and had a child with them but we remained friends, then she was divorced and we remained friends but roughly 5yrs ago she got remarried and had another child and is now 2yrs divorced again and we reconnected. Last Memorial weekend she came down from NJ to me in NC to visit strictly as friends and we hit it off, she then came down again in June and we had a great time again and decided to give a seclusive relationship a shot and it was going go until recently.

This past weekend she ended it with me and gave me like 10 different reasons. She's not moving to NC anytime soon and I'm definitely not moving to NJ... Her ex would fight her nail and tooth to not let her leave the state... She would be able to keep her job and work from home if she moved to NC but she doesn't know how she would feel being home all the time, etc. etc. etc. I assume you get where i'm going thus far

My issue is that I have started to fall in love with her and told her 2 days before she ended it and my questions are should I go with the No Contact rule even though we have so much invested in our friendship? She text me consistently still and i keep it normal and not emotional through text anyway; we haven't gotten on the phone since the break up... I still would like to salvage the love part and I know I do not want to sacrifice the friendship part so I have no ideal how to proceed...


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