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Author Topic: Is there any hope of getting back with her?

February 21, 2020, 05:33:20 PM
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Hello, I am going through a ton of grief right now. I'm at month 3 of no contact and I am beginning to doubt she'll reach out. We have broken up before and I used no contact. Only took 2 months.

Here's the backstory:
Last January, I went to MARSOC selection. I made it through in March but couldn't go to a Marine Raider Battalion because of space in the unit. Instead, they were going to send me to the Army to go to 10th Special Forces Group in Germany. This requires a lot of paperwork. Anyway, about 2 weeks after I started the paperwork and went back to my old Infantry unit, we deployed to Norway. We went straight into mountain warfare training and I met her there. She was our ski instructor there. We continued to talk after the training was over. Shortly after, my unit lost all my paperwork and I wasn't going to be able to go to the Army. I still wanted to live in Europe though so I started planning on a move to Norway, loved it there. Told her that and we began to get closer and eventually we became a couple. Fast forward a couple months and she broke up with me because I told her about my past. I joined the military to escape gang life back home. We continued to talk though and it wasn't much different than being a couple and it was confusing. Couple months after that, I was about to go to the Ukraine for a bit for our unit to train the Ukrainian military. We planned to go on a hiking trip when I got back to Norway. I came back from the Ukraine and she cancelled the trip. We had a fight and contact ended. The next day I ran into her in town with another Marine in my unit. They didn't fuck and she was pissed at him because he tried. We used it as an opportunity for closure and after talking for an hour we parted ways. This was early-mid July. Fast forward to mid September, we were going into the last weekend of our time in Norway. I was in no contact the entire time. She texted me that Friday asking if I was still moving. Told her yes. Anyway, later that day I found out she got a new boyfriend.  So I texted her and said I couldn't keep talking to her and that it wasn't healthy. Weekend comes and goes and we fly back to the US. About 3 days later she re adds me on snap and sends me one from the hospital. Bad car accident and all that. I didn't care about no contact or her new dude at that point, I was scared for her and wanted to know if she was safe. We talk and she tells me how much it meant to her that I still care and says she did to.  Couple days later she snaps me crying. Apparently the hospital found a huge tumor on her ovary. We keep talking. Couple days after that, I get a call from a friend doing contracting in Afghanistan (mercenary work) and got offered a 6 month contract for after I get out of the military. I accepted it and told her. She was upset but accepted it. Couple weeks later she broke up with her new guy and started planning a trip to New York to see me around Thanksgiving. Little bit later in the month we find out the tumor was benign. After, I cancelled the Afghanistan contract. She asked why and I told her "because it wasn't cancer"...Yes, I accepted the contract to pay for treatment. She didn't know and was really emotional about it. She scheduled the surgery and her recovery time made New York impossible. I started looking for jobs in Norway and was looking to weld for an oil company. She started looking for jobs in her hometown and couldn't find any. I started looking in the city about an hour from her. Magically that weekend, she goes out there to find a job for herself as well... At this point we hadn't talked about the future of us so I asked. She began to dodge the question. I also had job offers 8 hours away at this point. I told her I wanted to be with her but if that wasn't going to happen, I would go to the far jobs so I don't have to see her building her life with someone else. She dodged it all. It was her last week before surgery so I let it go. That Friday, Nov 8th, she said she was going out with her friends. She's snapping me. As the night went on, her friends disappeared and it was just her in a house drunk with a ton of dudes... I lay it on her again about moving and she refused to answer. Didn't talk the next day and the 10th she removed me from snap. The 12th she DM'd me on Instagram to tell me how her surgery went. Talked all night. Nothing after. The 22nd and 24th I texted her and said I hoped her recovery was good. She responded with vague thanks each time so I left it at that.

Since then there's been no contact. Things have changed though. I can't weld anymore so I am getting my PMP certification and doing that. Also, since the certification is shorter, I will be moving 2 months early... All the jobs for that are within 20 minutes of her hometown... She has no idea and I don't know what to do. I have to go where there's work. I want her back and love her just as much as before but I'm worried. It's been 3 months of no contact with no signs of return. I'm stressed that she won't contact me before the move because if I do move that close and she finds out after, idk how she'll respond or feel about that.

I'm stressed out big time. Thanks in advance for your replies

February 26, 2020, 11:35:02 PM
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Man, I am telling ya these girls are really hard to understand. Getting ex back will just be a piece of cake for you after you watched this webinar. http://bit.ly/2Vm7W30


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