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Author Topic: I don't want to let her go because i love her,what can i do?Do i have chance?

July 28, 2020, 07:38:49 PM
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Im 18 years old and the girl is 17,i wouldn't call that a relationship what happend beetwen us but it was definetley much more than 2 friends hanging out together i mean,a relationship was in the making.We met on a rock concert,we are both super into heavy music,she's a metalhead just like myself,after the show,i sent her a friend request on facebook and the talking beetwen us has begun.We we're talking for months but couldn't meet because of the COVID-19,we are living in two different towns so we weren't able to go the city and meet.The second time when we met was in june and we felt a strong connection beetwen us that those long talks through messenger/facebook,we we're extremley happy when we saw the each other again.However the talking seemed hard for both us for first but i started to flirt with her,praise her personality which made her happy,she smiled and the talking became easy for me and her.We brought 3-3 cans of beer and a bottle of wine,when we finished the drinks we got drunk a little bit.We listened to Marilyn Manson,i came closer to the girl,i hugged her she hugged me back,we gave our hands for the each other in the same then we we're staring at a beautiful river.We stood to take a walk,we we're holding hands during the walk.During the walk in my joy i accidentaly said "i love you" she was like "What?? Don't be that quick,it's just the first date"I slowed down because i tought i scared her how fast i was.We never got tired and bored of the other because we always had adventures,we always went to take a walk on some exciting,beautiful places,we we're visiting museums,exhibitions,watched something in the cinema,sat down on a beautiful place with a great view,hugging each other tightly while i was flirting with her and talked about music,our future plans,society,movies,books,our family,concerts,childhood and etc,we always had something talk about.We oftenley gave personal suprises for the each other like she gave me guitar brooch because i play guitar and i gave her drum sticks because her dream is to play drums.The things beetwen us gone wrong when complained me that i never kissed her after months and i said it was because i tought i scared her how quick i am,she answered it's just execuse then we sat on a bench and cried.She said "Forgive me,i can't make it work,i can't make it into a relationship,i want but i cant and you don't deserve this pain".She said im her soulmate and still want's meet with and make great memories together,we will take a week break then meet again.I think the main problem was that we rushed things,we just dated but still acted like a couple so her expectations was just too big for the time and i was thinkig just too big too quickly.All i want to do is build this up again piece by piece and make it work again but in to a relationship.I couldn't find anyone who's perfectley suited to me like,my emotions still strong and intense towards her.What do you think,do i have a chance?

August 01, 2020, 10:16:09 AM
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