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Author Topic: How to move on after being involved in a triangle type situation?

April 05, 2020, 04:12:03 PM
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Confused L

I need some advice from some people who have been through the same situation I went through. I recently found myself in a bit of a triangle type situation. I don't want to bore you with too many details so I'll try to make it as brief as possible. I met a girl in a gaming group that we are both members of and we became friends. We had a mutual friend in the group well at least I thought they were just friends I found out latter they were more than friends. She lives in England and me and the other guy both live in America different states on the opposite side of the country. Two months after I met her my father took I'll and I stayed in the hospital with him and my mom because I didn't want her to be there alone incase something happened. We texted everyday while I was there and grew closer and I started to have feelings for her I still didn't know she was with the other guy at this point. On the way home from the hospital while we were texting she said the she missed me I asked her why did she miss me I texted her all day everyday I was there she said yeah but I missed your voice. Over the course of the next month we got even closer and ended up having that conversation where I told her I liked her and she said she liked me too and mentioned she had a bond with the other guy that I inturpeted to be a friendship type bond because she never gave me a reason to believe otherwise. I should mention this whole time we all hungout together pretty much everyday and I still didn't know I guess I pretty stupid for not knowing. A month went by after that conversation and I felt like we were connecting and getting to know each other I wish I could post our DM's so I could get other peoples opinions on them. We talked about her coming to visit me and do things I thought were romantic like cuddling and watching movies amoung other things again I wish I could post our DM's. I was having a bad day one day and didn't talk much while we were playing and she noticed so after I texted her and appologised and told her I was feeling down on myself said that I could always talk to her and called us friends which broke my heart into a million pieces. I confronted her two days latter and told her that it made me sad that she lied to me when she said she liked me and then led me on for a month. She told me she was with the other guy and that she was into him. She still wants to be friends but I told her I couldn't be just friends because my feelings would still be there so it wouldn't be fair to me. Now I feel hurt and sad and I feel like a pathetic undateable loser but I also feel bad that I put her in that situation where two guys liked her and she had to choose one over the other. She said she cared about me and that I meant a lot to her she even texted me on my birthday and reached out to see how I was doing during this corona virus thing I had her blocked on discord at the time so had to ask a friend of mine to ask me for her. I also texted her on her birthday because I still care about her and she meant a lot to me too. I've tried to move on but something always comes along and makes me think about her again and I see and hear her name everywhere. Sorry this is so long.


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