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Author Topic: How do i stop feeling this??!

January 22, 2020, 05:15:53 PM
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** am sorry for long post i need to vent lol**
Hello there.

My name is Jonathan, am 27 years old and when i was 19 i met this girl online a dating website, at that time i didn't want anything but sex talk,so when we started talking things lead to sexting and exchanging pics first day in and than later on we Skype a lot. little time passed and we kept talking even when not sexting, and we had good chemistry, i decided i wanted her so i asked her to be my gf to which she accepted and we had a long distance relationship for about 1 yr, at some point she wanted to meet in person so she came to live with me to Florida , shes from Michigan.  yes, she basically flew across the country to meet a guy she only knew thru Skype and who she met online, i liked her a lot i dont know if i loved her but nonetheless i picked her up  at airport we hugged and kissed and she was everything and i was everything we both expected, so we lived together for about 6 months before she returned to Michigan, some time passed she returned we stayed in fl for awhile than at this point i was having a difficult time with my mom, as all this time we lived with her, so we made the decision that i will move to Michigan with her, and so we left. i llived with her family in Michigan for about 1 or 2 months as i couldn't find a job right than so i ran out money and returned home. something important, during this whole time of over 1 yr and half of living together we never had sex. she wanted to save herself for marriage and i respected her and i never pushed her to it. so after some time of me living in Florida, she returned to live with me, which by this time she wanted to have sex , i found that very weird because she was very serious about not until marriage, so we had sex and i actually asked her about what had changed and she said she just changed her mind and til this day she swore she was a virgin which i honestly still have my doubts but i believe her, and its not relevant anymore. anyhow ,  a year passed and she got pregnant , and since than we been on and off , our son is now 5 yrs old and i live here in Michigan , been living here for 3 years now and last year we split in January til now, so about 1 year of being split, months after we split she was all over me texting me and calling me and for some reason i wanted nothing to do with her, i felt nothing.  about 2 weeks ago i asked her to hook up to which she replied that she was already seeing someone and after that i been feeling like shit , i have this urge to talk to her, i miss her , i want to know where she is, who she with? i became obsessed with her out of nowhere, and of course she wants  nothing to do with me, so now that the coin flipped on me i cant take it. i should mention that during this time before i moved here, we been on and off a lot, this isn't the first time we split and she claims to be with someone and i feel like crap wanting to get back.
i think i have a possession problems is like when she says she with someone i cant bear to see her with someone else and something triggers inside me and i want her back, i should also mention that in the later years of our relationship , i believe i dont love her anymore, i think i only got with her because of our son, and i even remember regretting getting back together the last time we was split, shes very possessive and uncontrollably jealous , she caused many arguments because of coworkers and even when i was driving she would say i was looking at other girls walking by and so on, it was a pretty toxic relationship, i must say that when it ended a year ago i felt relived , free like a weight had been dropped off me. so what the heck is wrong with me now, why do i have this urges? i know wholeheartedly that if we get back , i will feel trapped and i know i dont love her as much as a i did, i think am just used to being with her. how do i get it thru my head that is over and i need to get over it? i cant sleep, cant eat, am desperately looking to talk to her, and because of our son we will always have to talk, so thats also not helping me move on, idk i know am stupid but god i just want to stop feeling like this. am so sorry for the long story , if u read this far thank you from the bottom of my heart. and also sorry for bad grammar , English is my 2nd language.

February 11, 2020, 02:07:12 AM
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