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Author Topic: Girlfriend Lost Spark and broke up with me. Is there a chance?

August 06, 2020, 09:57:35 AM
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Please read through

Me and my ex broke up in January. I broke up with her because I was losing feeling for her and was 50-50 about our future. We come from different backgrounds/religions and have some other complicated situations for our future.

In February and March I thought I was ready to commit and be to her but I still was not sure. So I crushed her. I was still 50-50

I was her first love.

We met at the End of April and talked about things and decided that getting back together would be possible. I was in a in different mindset to commit to her. She was still hesitant. We met at the end of May because she had some family health problems(covid) and we talked about it again she accepted to get back together but a little begrudgingly.

I had to convince her to do it I feel.
We spent a month together me being 150% for her. Showing her this is what I want, proving to her. She saw it too but the spark started to die for her. She didn’t feel the same when I texted her. She wasnt completely buzzed to see me like she once was. We always had a good time together. We went out for dinner, we had a picnic. We were settling a new foundation. I was gaining her trust back which I did.

So the month me being 150% she was 50-50 now. We had a role reversal. I feel like the naivety of her love eyes disappeared on the the months we were broken up. She realized to live without me. To be happy without me. She started to question what I questioned before. All this doubt I feel kept the flame or spark lower.

We only saw eachother a few times over the month, I thought maybe the second month we would do more outdoor things more new exciting things, like hiking or exploring new places but she gave up. She said she doesn’t want to drag me along feeling not 100%.

She forgave me for the pain I put her through because she understands now.

I love her so much and I really wish she also wanted to continue a life with me but this year has been a waste for me.

A waste for my career and Furthering my life.
I graduated with an engineering degree and I’m stuck at a dead end city job and I put on some weight and I’m not the same as i met her 2 years ago. I’m not at as happy without her. I’m not happy with myself and my life.

So I do thank her for letting me go so that I can get back to where I was.

I know I need to move on but I do hope if we do run into eachother later on in life and I’m where I should be maybe we can hit things off. Maybe that spark can come back.

Relationships are work, if you want it to work they will work. Think about arranged marriages. They last the longest because they work together and love eachother.

She’s 22 and I’m 27 so she still has a lot of her life yet and I feel like she might want to be single after this for a bit. Get her life in order and look to her future as well. She’s honest with me and told me there is no one else.

Idk if I’m being stupid but she is amazing and great supportive partner. She’s beautiful and she’s everything I could want in a woman. This change is for me but I hope that in the end we can rekindle in the end, but I won’t be doing all this for her. I know I need to keep my mind open.


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