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Author Topic: Gf of 8 months broke up with me two days ago, how do I reattract her?

May 23, 2019, 10:42:01 AM
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Long story short, me and her were close friends for two years before we got together.  Over teh summer we started flirting and tere was a great spark there.  In September we had sex and from there it was a crazy ride, but all totally worth it.

Anyway, she broke up with me two days ago.  She said that she's doesn't know if she really likes me anymore, and she's "not ready" for anything right now.  I'm not stupid, basiclly she wasn't feeling it anymore but she didn't wanna hurt my feelings.  She didn't even fight with me or emotioanlly react.  She said she just wants to be friends, I told her we can't be friends and I want more, she said "we can be friends, sorry you want more, but I don't".

Now here's the thing.  We used to be CRAZY with sex, and passionate, and intimate, etc.  I even took her virginity.  We did things you really have to look hard for to find in porn.  But somewhere along the line she started to tell me that she's afraid to hurt me and stuff (because when we fought I would always get emotional and she'd be the one to hurt me instead of me hurting her).  It got to the point where she basically had full control over my emotions and that's not attractive.  Also I was being too affectionate with her.  I messed it all up, I know I did.

Now here's the thing.  I love this woman, and I know she's loved me at one point.  She was crazy about me when we first got together, and even in the months that proceeded.  Yesterday she tried talking to me like normal again, asking what I was up to, etc.  I told her I Was busy and I'll talk to her later.  Last night (we always spend time at night, most nights we sleep together) she texts me and asks me if I can spend time with her.  I told her I was still busy, and she said she's depressed.  She said I've been acting different, quieter, more reserved, and she's sad.  I told her it's because we're not together anymore.  She said ok but she still said that she wanted to spend time.  She asked me if I was gonna start having girls over, and I told her probably, and she said ok, then a little while later in the conversation she says "I'm jealous".  We ended up texting for almost two hours.  I asked her if I could come over and lay with her, but she said "but you don't even talk to me anymore" (this response doesn't make much sense to me, it's been a day).  She asked me if I still wanted her gifts that she bought me recently and I asked her if she wanted hers that I bought her.  She said "no it's ok, you keep it" so I told her she can keep mine.

So we said good night and sweet dreams (she texted sweet dreams first, which she never does when we text at night, she always waits for me to say it or not).

At this point, what can I do going forward if I'm trying to reattract her again?  Btw we're not having sex anymore either, we stopped that over a month ago (but we've done it two times since then, which one time was incredible, the last one was...not so much).  So I know I can't get sexual with her again because it's not gonna work right now, her mind is out of that sex headspace with me.  So how do I get her to feel that same spark and attraction that she felt at the beginning?  She used to tell me that she was 10/10 happy with me (that was our phrase that we used) and we had plenty of cute pet names for each other.  So idk what happened.  She just lost attraction I guess.  But that's what I want to make her feel again for me.

Should I go no contact?  Should I keep it light and keep doing the "I'm busy" line?  How do I go about doing this?  And where am I at right now judging by last night's conversation?

May 24, 2019, 03:55:40 AM
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Dude literally i just cried reading this because all this happend with me past year  and was left alone by everyone didnt get any councellor to motivate me because i was really shy to speak about mypersonal life to someone so i decided to go online if someone can help me and guess what i found sonmething useful and that girl is again my girlfriend.
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