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Author Topic: Gf of 13 years says doesn't says we should move on please help with your suggest

January 29, 2020, 12:10:36 AM
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Hello my ex gf of 13 years no longer wants to keep our relationship me and her met back in 2007 while we worked together and we hit it off we spent the very next minutes everyday together when I met her I was dating a crazy girl that I wasn't into that much she followed us one day and hit my gf in the car ended up in jail and I broke up with her I stayed with the current girl moved her into my house my parents at first liked her but then we got involved in drugs we did that for about 5 years until with help of family and both of us realizing we can't waste anymore time we stopped and got clean together moved into a new house together we were fighting at that house from time to time because my parents didn't like her and wanted me to go back to school and finish my degree she moved out once back then for less then a month and then came back to the house once we talked our problems then about 6 months later she told me that she was pregnant I at first was very unhappy since we had talked about this before and we were going to have a baby once we were graduated from college but she said she had made up her mind and she was going to have the baby and live with her mom I moved back into my parents house right before that happened I found out that she was talking to another guy I was very upset and told her that if she wants to date this guy she can go live with him so after that I helped her get into a house with her mom bought her a car as so since when she was working her job didn't pay enough to where she was just helping with our bills nothing extra was left. about a month later she moved in with mom we had sex when she called me over one night to spend time together. I would talk to her daily she would tell me about everything that was going on with her she was driving her mom everywhere daily not getting along with her so I finally told her if she is so unhappy we can get a new apartment so we moved into that new apartment. I helped her  daily I would pay all the rent and anything else that was needed in the house we had a few accident she was left with no car at that point in the house but I would make it a point when I was out of work or off work my whole time was spent with her after that for 3 years we continued doing this I didn't know at the time but do know now at that point she was having that new guy be at the house and the few times that I cought that I acted like a fool which iam not proud of the things I said to her at those times. about 2 years ago she told me we should go out for our birthdays we did went back the new house I had moved her into with a better school zone for our daughter we were intimate and we talked and said we were gonna work on the relationship she said and I of course love her so I was glad to do it as I have made many mistakes with her. Then life continued everyday I would go try to spend time with them she would always tell me she is tired that's all I heard the whole time we were working on the relationship at first we were intimate more and as time went by it was less and less. There was a few times I had just left her apartment and saw the guy there again I blew up on her the last time and told her if she wants this guy then she needs to move in with him. The next day she told me I have no feelings for you and I'm not sure if I'm gonna be with him but I'm sure we aren't gonna be together but she said her and our daughter want to stay in the house for now she didn't explain herself good and was just emotional same as me so we weren't able to really talk about things then the next few days I was very sad upset went there asked her and begged that I would change everything she wanted me to change so we could work on things she said no and I was more and more upset so I tried harder to logic with her on why we should because we don't want our daughter to be brought up in a split up house and as the other guy according to her is a man child and getting better at things but doesn't really have anything accomplished. I've been talking to her everyday today we were speaking we went through all the problems of the past and I told her that I really want to change she told me she is okay with me moving on but she wants me to be honest she wouldn't say what she wants she keeps saying she isn't gonna be with this guy but keeps wanting me to be there. She has been driving me insaine I can't work I can't eat I can barley function daily and I'm not sure what to do I asked her if she wants me to move on or change and she tells me I'm not sure you will change and after this month I don't know what to think of you she blames me for everything wrong in the relationship there is nothing I do that's not wrong I have been there for her as her family wasn't really ever there to help her. She only has me as an actual reall family member that would help her I'f she really needs something and I'm the first person she calls if there is anything wrong I don't know if we are just going through this and just passing time or if there is a way that we can fix this relationship  if you have any suggestions or need more info I please tell me and I will try to add more details tomorrow.

Thank you

January 29, 2020, 07:44:30 PM
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I'd honestly suggest you try and move on, you know? It doesn't seem as if she's particularly interested... There are definitely more fish in the sea! You should move on, it'd overall be much better for you, and her.

February 11, 2020, 01:41:22 AM
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