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Author Topic: Get ex back

March 24, 2019, 10:19:25 PM
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Hi my name is Lucas, my girlfriend broke up with me in the middle of October, things were great in July then i lost my job and all of the sudden my girlfriend started to act weird, she said it was nothing but she started to be more and more distant, and i was getting more and more needy because i didn't know what was going on. Well we broke up and i was needy i pleaded and things like that.
After 3 days of our break up i stopped talking to her and started no contact, broke it some times and every time she was a little colder, we went out to talk about the break up one month later and she told me that her ex was talking to her 3 days i stopped talking to her (nowadays i think he started talking to her during our relationship, that's why she went all weird) she dated that guy for 4 years he broke up with her and she still loved him but had to move on, 3 months later we meet and that's that.
Well after our talk she said she was in love with him and didn't know what she felt for me anymore, we talked a little more a that was it, after this i saw her on a club but she pretended not to see me, after that i did no contact but for 3 months, during this time she started dating her ex and they broke up again, she doesn't know that i know that, when she started dating him she blocked on Facebook and stopped following me on instagram. I sent her a message asking her if she want to talk,she said "sorry, but no" and that was it i was going to erase her from my mind, next day i woke up and she sent me a message saying that she wouldn't mind taking to me but she don't to talk about break up and this kind of things, i tried to talk to her sometimes but her answers showed no interest in talking she was being short i tried to make her laugh and everything but still... Then i stopped taking to her for 3 days and asked to grab a coffee or something because she always hide her feelings but in front of me she can't i always make her laugh and talk, she refused it, then i stopped talking to her, it's been a week, i know she still thinks about him, the broke up on march, s 8.

I really don't know what to do here? Any ideas?
Some say that i should do no contact until she contacts me
Some say to right a letter telling her what i did since we broke up because i have improved myself a lot
Some say give up

I just don't know what else to do, we are great for it other her family loves me and hates the other guy, i love them too, and the worst of all i can't find a reason to give up on her she is such a great person and our personality is very similar.


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