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Author Topic: Excluded and feeling confused

May 26, 2019, 08:41:18 PM
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Hi, my name is Katie. 46 years old, divorced for 6 years now. Was in two relationships since divorce.

First one was 4 years long. Broke up a 18 months ago because of constant manipulation from my ex.

Met someone by accident 10 months ago. And he did everything right. He totally love bombed me, but having been neglected by previous ex I fell for it. We clicked and got along great.

We were a little hot and cold because we both had trust issues.

I told him two little white lies in the beginning because I was trying to protect myself. He found out but we worked through it. Back in track, go away on vacation. And that’s when the turmoil started. His ex took him back to court after being divorced for four years. His daughter shut him out and only came around when she wanted money. His job is a high stressed job, but I stood by his side, listened and always offered to help in anyway. I hate to even admit but social media played a part in our fights and break up.

Started with vacation pictures that he posted, my birthday dinner photos....he received numerous texts from the daughter about his outings. I took that as the daughter was mad that he was in a serious relationship. In the 10 months that we were together I never met her, I did meet his son and he liked me. Today was the first day that I met the daughter and it wasn’t bad. Except for him checking in on social media with them and not me. He hasn’t checked in with me in about a month now. Thought it was not to add salt to the wound. I never said anything because I thought he wasn’t posting about me or checking in with me because of the daughter, but I met her today and was there with them and he blatantly ignored me, ignored that I was even there.

Clearly it wasn’t the daughter that he was “hiding” us from. I. D.o.n.t ever make a big deal about social media, but today I was excited about being there with them and he just left me out. It hurt and I was crushed. I saw his check in and was dumbfounded and he asked what was wrong. The kids weren’t anywhere near us, but I told him how I felt about that. I explained that I thought for the last month it was because of the daughter and clearly that wasn’t it, so who was he hiding me from?

He totally turned it around on me. I sat there with them for another hour and a half and couldn’t do it anymore. I very politely said goodbye and left. He text me and told me to take my things from his house. I’m crushed and heart broken. Please no bashing because I am already beside myself. And forget that this is even about social media, but honestly how would any of you feel being excluded from them while sitting right there with all of them? TIA-Katie


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