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Author Topic: Confused

June 26, 2019, 11:46:00 PM
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Soo.. I guess here goes for " advice " .. I have a tendency to push people away.. and do the stupid " lets break up " threat... Well the third time i did that to my boyfriend  , he said " i dont think i want to be in a relationship any more.. " So.. The next day we got together and spoke about it, and he said he just was tired of worrying about my feelings sometimes.. And he brought my dog a present , and then showed me some pictures he took that day at the park. The next day, i brought him some gifts randomly, to which he texted me back saying he really appreciated them and we had a little joke. The third day, we went out to dinner together casually..shared food together, laughed, etc.. Then two days later we went out to a concert together and ended up hooking up.. Slept together and cuddled.. he didnt kick me out.. and even offered to cook me pancakes the next day.. I declined.. i asked him about trying on the relationship and he said " he didnt know if he could answer that yet.. " We laid together talking for 5 hours.. crying... laughing.. He held me.. i wiped his tears.. He told me he had things in his head he needed to work on.. and his mom said if we believed in fate we'd end up working things out together if we were meant to be.. We laughed more and he said things about how much he would miss me.. and how much he thinks of me already.. and his favorite picture of me that he has.. And then after about 5 ish hours of laying together happily ( but not agreeing to work things out ) i asked him if i should just leave and leave him alone? he said yes... He then laid in his bed in pain as i got dressed.. as he walked me out he hugged me hard, kissed me, and seemed upset.. THEN when i left, i stupidly texted him a bunch of emotional things.. and i asked " are you happier this way ? " and all he said was " i feel f*cked up right now " ...also he still has his PlayStation at my house that he hasn’t asked for back ... . SO... I'm going to try the no contact thing... Because i don't know what to do?! What do you make of this? Any one? I know this is my fault for being wish washy but I genuinely regret it and I want to work on myself . I started seeing a counselor this week .


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