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Author Topic: Boyfriend tried to commit S

April 07, 2019, 05:56:50 PM
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Hi everyone,

  Before I tell you what happened, I just want to let everyone know that me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. We are best friends; traveled the world, we were both ourselves around each other, never got into fights or anything. It was a dream come true to me to find a man I thought I was going to marry. There was only one issue that had me doubting whether this was the right relationship for me...he has a son. I didn’t mind it, but his son was very bad behaved and the baby mama was also very difficult to deal with . I was able to accept this because I loved him very much. However, moving forward , a month ago my boyfriend was feeling very stressed and tried to commit S. The man that I “loved and knew so well” was telling me weeks before, that he hears “voices” telling him to do things. I didn’t give it much attention because I had no idea if it was a joke or real. Anyways, a month ago when the S attempt happened, he was baker acted and held in the psych ward for 4 days. I felt terrible for him, and I had several nights in which it was hard for me to sleep. BtW I found out at the ward that this was his second time being baker acted. I was extremely disappointed. Anyways, now I am here wondering if this relationship is worth continuing. I am only 26 years old and I am dealing with a man with a n unstable child with a crazy babymama and on top of that he has been in the psych ward twice. It is so heartbreaking for me because he was the perfect man,,, until all these things started affecting my life. I was able to tolerate his son, but on top of that having to deal with my boyfriend having a mental illness. I worry for my future with him and what I will have to go through, but at the same time I feel like I will never find someone who treats me like he does; he treated me like a queen. Thoughts please !?!

April 11, 2019, 12:24:52 PM
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1st I am very sorry you found out he is sick this way. He should have told you. Ask yourself this If he was physically ill would you have written this ?
Please do not make any rash decisions
He needs to be honest with you about what going on and how long it's been going on
Then you need to have a conversation with him and his doctor to find out what his condition is and what can be done about it. You say you Love him and how he love you and how good he treats you. If the situation was reversed. Do you think he would leave you ? I hope you will give the love you have for each other a chance , but love only works when you are both honest with each other. This is just my opinion

April 11, 2019, 04:05:33 PM
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Has your boyfriend talked with a therapist or tried medication for his issues? Being Baker acted for mental illness shouldn't be the only reason for ending a relationship. Mental Illness is a disease that needs to be treated. If he isn't treating it, you may want to have an honest conversation with him about seeing a mental health professional to try and get stabilized mood-wise. If he is someone you love, and he were diagnosed with a fatal disease, would that prompt you to break up with him? If you think he is wonderful but worry about his mental illness, you should find out if he's been properly diagnosed with anything, and if so, maybe research it so you can be there for him/help him. If you don't really love and want to be with him then you should leave him so he can be with someone who can and wants to be there to help him through his hard times. He may have been too embarrassed to tell you about being baker acted the first time. If you love him and want to be with him, let him know that he can tell you anything and you won't judge him...if that is true. If that is not true, you should release him to the world so that the person that wants to be there for him can find him.

May 08, 2019, 11:52:59 AM
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If you want to be with him, then stay with him. If not, then break up with him. He needs to learn to help himself before anyone else will.

September 25, 2019, 08:10:18 AM
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I think you need to think if you love him enough is it worth it


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