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Author Topic: Boyfriend broke up with me right after my dad passed away

April 01, 2019, 07:38:56 PM
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My boyfriend and I have been having problems for the last month. I made some new girlfriend and ever since that happened our relationship has suffered. He constantly seems to be upset if I want to see them and mentions that he needs to be number one and I don’t make him number one. We have been in therapy. The therapist said if he gets a subservient woman he won’t be happy. Well anyway my dad suddenly became ill and I flew home and four days later my dad died. It was very sudden. He was only 68. It was unexpected by everyone. I came back a mess. My boyfriend picked me up and I was having a breakdown I had cried the whole plane ride home and when I got to my house I started sobbing because i Had some stuff my dad had sent me sitting out and his art hanging up. Instead of consoling me he said I wasn’t acting right because it Had been 4 days and he said we were going to the er. He kept fighting with me about it. I hadn’t slept the night before and I told him I just needed sleep. He didn’t even try to spend the night. He left and I went to sleep. The next day he asked if I wanted to hang out. I said I didn’t want to go to his house and he said he would stop over but that he can’t sleep at my house anymore because i Have a queen bed and its too small. He’s been sleeping over the last year and a half and now suddenly he won’t. He wouldn’t skip his workout so didn’t get over until 7.  Then he fought with me for 1.5 hours about how I treat him horribly and don’t put him first and he’s unloved and unappreciated. I told him to stop that it was too much for me to deal with right now. He wouldn’t. The next day he came over at 1 because he was nearby. It was Saturday and I said I was thinking of going to my mom’s. He said are saturdays not our days anymore - he likes to spend the weekends together? (My parents are divorced and my mom lives in the same state as me). I said I just want to see her today. He said he wants to date other people. I said are you serious with this timing? My dad just died! He said how I don’t meet his needs and there is no good time to do it. We got to my house and he argued with me for a while about how badly I make him feel. On and on. Then he just walked out. He texted me later and told me my behavior Of being unloving and Unappreciative has put him in a depression. I can’t believe he is putting his needs first right now while I’m going through this death. I wanted to come home to warmth and love and this is what I got. Arguing and him telling me he wants to date others. I would never have done that to him if it were reversed. Is he being selfish or am I crazy??

April 07, 2019, 08:52:27 AM
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Seems like you have the same problem as me. When my sister died he got the hump as I spent more time at my mums than I told him I would.
My advice to you is to move on even though it is difficult. If he can’t support you at the worst time of your life, how will he ever. Need to take my own advice lol


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