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Author Topic: 3 time’s a charm?

March 04, 2020, 08:50:27 AM
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Me and my partner have been together close to 5 years we’re young lovers I’m 25 and theirs a 4 year age gap between us. My partner suffers with bipolar and has other mental illnesses that I’ve supported her with throughout the relationship. 2 years into our relationship I found out she had cheated on me and slept with somebody else we had a 3 month break but we got through it she proved herself to me, she was young and naive at the time we got back together and went on to have 2 children together and a home of our own. The last 6 weeks she’s became distant, she got 2 bunches of flowers on Valentine’s Day one off myself and another off her dad apparently until I found the card off somebody else whilst she was out on a date with this person, she had been in contact with him for 2 weeks but insisted that she hadn’t cheated this time, I chose to believe her although I did find her actions unfaithful she went out with this person again once more I knew she had but she wouldn’t own up to it I lost my head and we had a massive fall out I cut complete contact with her for no longer than 6 days, she got in contact with me and told me she loved me and she missed me and just wanted me she was this person that I fell in love with again, she says she’s been honest with me and nothing ever happened with this guy although they did go out with each other twice she says it was just an escape from the strain the relationship has been under and nothing even happened, I’ve seen her on two occasions since we’ve been back in touch and she throws herself at me showing me all the love in the world the love I’ve craved for this time she’s been distant, I just don’t know what to do with my life right now if I wanted to give it another go then the choice is mine but how I can trust her all my life I’ve wanted a family I had it with her I can have it back but what if I get hurt again I just don’t know what to do maybe more time will help but at the moment I’m struggling I just feel like the trust barrier is gone. I’m not perfect nobody is but I always loved her and didn’t deserve the pain, she’s asking for time with me but she can see I’m not looking at her the same maybe cause it’s still raw do I give this time I basically explained it like baseball 3 strikes she’s out she’s on strike 2 I know she can love me but I’m very hesitant at the minute that we can be together


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