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Author Topic: 15 long and horrible days

June 11, 2019, 02:45:33 PM
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NC now for 15 days, I think.

When the ex and I were still together I purchased concert tickets for him. They came in the form of etickets so I never technically handed them to him, but printed out a copy and gave him the copy. I offered these tickets the day after we broke up as they were a gift to him and for no other reason other than they were his and I had no interest in going. He did not want them. I’m sure he responded out of anger at that time, but I never offered them to him again.

Seeing as tho I wouldn’t use them I decided that I’d sell them for face value and at least get my money back.

I will admit that I hung on to them for two weeks figuring if we got back together we would at least have them and we could go.

So I learned that he had been out to the clubs, assuming with another woman, and I just said “Ef it” and I threw them on two sites to try and sell them.

Low and behold he reached out on the site and said that he would buy them from me, he’d put a check in the mail and I could mail him the tickets.

Of course I responded, and said that they were a gift to you and I would just email the tickets so long as he still wanted them. He responded with, yes if you did not sell them. I emailed him the eticket and told him to have a nice time and to enjoy. Never thinking that he would bring a date to this concert. I was trying to do the right thing since they were his anyhow, but the thought that another woman would be there enjoying the show with my ex BF just rips my heart out even more.


What I don’t understand is why would he want them? I could never bring another guy to something that my ex paid for. Is he really that cold? Ugh. This is horrible.

June 13, 2019, 02:40:44 AM
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That’s a pretty upsetting thing he’s done. Sounds like you’re well rid of him.

Maybe he felt guilty about taking the tickets because you had split up but also it’s really insensitive to take a dste

I hope you’re ok


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