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Author Topic: Why do men look at other women and make you feel disrespected?

September 11, 2019, 02:45:59 AM
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Hello I am older and guess I should know the answer to this but I can’t figure it out am I the only person who feels men need to stop this disrespect you read all these thing excusing men for their wondering eyes and to be honest just tired of it is you are ok with it then that’s fine but if it bothers you and you express your feelings they should stop and respect your feelings I was in a marriage for 26 years my husband passed away I am now 49 I was 46 when he passed and it is driving me crazy the disrespect I feel from my new man my husband never looked at other women around me or ever made comments about other women whether they were on tv or walking down the street he respected me the man I am with is a good man and he makes plans for the future and he loves me but it drives me crazy when he does things I feel are disrespectful and I do tell him things bother me I don’t think it is an insecure issue with me and articles that say your insecure if you mans wondering eye bothers you drives me crazy it’s about respect I can hold my own for a women of my age yes I realize there will always be someone better looking than me and I accept that because I know I am attractive but men do not need to make women eye candy or disrespect there women then act like it’s there woman’s insecurities if it upsets her it’s her feelings, I could care less if he looks when I am not around because it isn’t disrespecting me but men who look at other women in the present of their girlfriends and theirgirlfriends find it disrespectful and tell them need to learn to think before they do something doesn’t seem like rocket science and men with there half naked females online in front of their women need to learn some respect am I truly alone in this thought


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