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Author Topic: Why are men lying so much that they want relationship?

August 18, 2019, 12:59:30 AM
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Hello All,
I am 27, I don't have much success with online dating. I was doing it intensively for the last couple of months and I met A LOT of men. I don't understand one thing, why do they make so much effort to pretend they want a relationship. I am shy, calm, smart, average looking, girl, definately not ONS type.
Lately I was dating (1,5 month) a guy who wrote in his bio that he's not interested in ONS/FWB. He told me he's looking for a relationship, he's ready to start a family. While we were dating he was always smiling at kids, making plans with me, we kissed on 4th date. After that he started to be touchy-feely and actually didn't want to get to know me on deeper level. Moreover, he was using Tinder all the time while telling me he's not talking to anyone but me.
Then I met a "gentelmen" type of guy, very articulate, smart. He was telling me from the beginning he is looking for serious relationship, that he's religious, we were talking a lot of what kind of relationship we are looking for, our personalities. On our date he was very nice and respectful. After few days, he asked me to send him a selfe (I declined as on my dating profile I have 5 pictures..) and then he started to bring up sexual topics (just one week after our first date!!).
How can I recognize these men?? They seem so serious and honest at the beginning!

August 20, 2019, 01:44:33 PM
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It's going to happen. Some men will say it because that's exactly what girls say on their profile. They ALL say No FWB/ONS. So what's a guy going to do? Tell you what you want to hear. Use your own words to built rapport.

You seem like you're doing ok. These guys seemed to have pulled a bait and switch on you but you stuck to your guns. Keep doing what you're doing. Measure them for how much they invest with time and energy. You seem like you have a good eye for it, which shows you have boundaries.

Usually guys after ONS will only invest 1 date, if that, before trying to make it sexual. The guy who committed to 4 dates, I guess was just willing to play the long game. Difficult to catch them out, but you seemed to be able to do it.

You'll be ok. Keep on doing what you're doing. Focus on actions not words. Talk is not only cheap, its free!

August 21, 2019, 02:42:36 PM
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I dont like people who lie to get their way. Please listen to your heart and stay or move on. It is better to be with a truthful person and not with someone who lives and hides under a veil of lies. Good luck to your future, you seem like a very nice woman. You will find a great man :)

August 22, 2019, 05:42:03 AM
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If a guy is saying straight away that he is looking for a relationship, kids, comittment, etc........run!  He's saying what he thinks all females want to hear so he can win you over and possibly get sex from you.  If a guy is genuine he won't say those things up front because he needs to get to know you for awhile before he knows whether he wants a relationship with you, and he won't lead you on with empty words.

August 24, 2019, 01:05:39 PM
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You have to be careful about who to trust ans to start a sincere relationship with.

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