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Author Topic: What to do...

July 29, 2019, 11:32:23 AM
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I have a serious crush on a guy I met a few months ago. I thought I’ve had crushes before I met this guy, it’s like no one else. I am 19 and I’ve never had a boyfriend because no one really appealed to me that much before

We met at my friends party and I joined their D&D group and so I see him pretty much every weekend when we meet up. He invites me to things like drinking at his house with other friends, and we play chess and stuff too. I’m really awkward... mostly because I know he has had girlfriends before, and I’m scared that if things get a bit too serious he’ll have expectations that I’m not sure I can meet. I just really like the guy a lot, I love his smile. i love his laugh, and he is so clever. he has a great sense of humour. we banter about chess, I beat him the first few times so I let him win out of the kindness of my heart  :P but i know he is very smart and creative, and I have told him as much. he wants to be a voice actor and I ironically want to be an animator too

I used to talk to my friend about how handsome I think he is, but she more or less told me to keep it to myself. I thought she might have been trying to gently tell me something but I’m not sure now. he offered to pick me up in his car and drop me off from our last D&D game beforehand, but I couldn’t even say yes because this friend butt in and cut him off when he brought it up in person, saying I was going with her instead... and I didn’t say anything... like an idiot.... because I didn’t want to out myself, I know I should have. he looked upset :'( but I dreamed once that she told everybody in a group setting that I have such a crush on him... and my dreams are often right, and I’m nervous and proud. I know it’s silly... aaaaand he probably knows I like him. Since Ive told him he’s really handsome before, and I’ve tried to flirt with him but I’m painfully awkward... He is very respectful of me and my slow pace. he gets very close to me and touches my hands and stuff like that, but he’s never made me feel uncomfortable. I really like him... but I don’t know what to do. I’ve never done anything with a guy before, and I’m worried about making a fool of myself, or maybe he’s fed up with my insecurities... I don’t know. I guess I just want to talk about it hahaha

August 03, 2019, 01:14:13 AM
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You're emotionally investing into something that essentially might not now exist. A guy needs to be investing in you too or you will end up hurting yourself with this hoping.

There are some ambiguous signs there. He tried to be alone with you in the car? He touches your hands? That's pretty good.

One thing you can try is looking for things going on in your area. A festival, a new place to eat, a movie coming out. Be tactful about it, but talk about it to him and mention how you really want to go, but nobody else wants to. If he's into you, and not clueless he will ask you to go.

With guys, when they're interested, they will try to get alone time with you, but sometimes they're idiots and you have to open the door for them. That's what dropping at hint is. The problem with overly committing is that you'll never know if he really liked or he's just accepting it cos its on a silver platter.