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Author Topic: What should I make about unexplained blood stain on bf's bed? So confused

June 15, 2019, 04:11:53 PM
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So here I am again :(. Me (32) and my boyfriend (25, I know...) saw each other for the first time in two weeks on Thursday after we had an argument about me not seeing him enough and he cancelling on me lately. I went to his house with a good attitude ready to move forward and leave my trust issues and time issues behind. I brought him soup because he has been sick. When I got there he hardly acknowledged me and told me to help him with the washer acting up because he was doing his sheets since he said he had vomited on them (yeah, uh huh). After that he started to open the bag of food while I went to his room and noticed a huge blood stain on his mattress around the area where people get busy. I didn't say anything when I came back because...idk why really. Well he was a little flustered and still trying to get the bag open and said I tied it too well so I opened it.

Later I started remembering that the one time we had left a period blood sex stain we had immediately washed the sheets and it was only a few drops and NOT the huge blob of blood that was now on there. I am sure of this. I don't drink and if it had happened again I would have for sure remembered us washing them again or sleeping on top of something and definitely not left it like that. And I'm embarrassed of this sort of thing so I would have remembered being mortified if I had left the stain and apologized.

So I eventually asked him what the huge blood stain was and he was like "It's from us fucking on it." And I said I didn't do that and I didn't believe him and he was so cool about it and told me to leave so I did but came right back because I didn't want to just ditch like that without resolving anything.

I asked him again and told him for sure it wasn't me and said well I don't know what to tell you. I'm telling you I don't cheat that's not me, but what bothered me was his attitude like he didn't care at all and told me "You need to decide if you're staying or leaving now or if you want to take a break." So I stayed for bit but then I got upset and left again.

The next morning (Friday) I called him and he didn't answer so I went to his house and walked into his room. I brought it up again and this time he did get upset and said things like no man would be that stupid and it was over if I seriously came over to ask him about that again. And I said that I for sure didn't leave it there and the only thing he could answer is "I don't know." I have suspicions that maybe he and his new female roommate who stays there because her bf owns the house may have gotten drunk and not cared about having drunk sex or worry about leaving stains. (see my last sad post about her if you wish)

It's just not adding up. After I said I was sure it wasn't mine his only explanation was "I don't know!" And I know that if he had an injury he would have noticed and told me what happened right away instead of saying it was me and him "fucking" and then "IDK, leave then" after he saw I wasn't buying it. And he never used to use the F word to describe it and now he seemed really distant from me. It was only the morning after when I went back on Friday that he started trying to pull out other reasons like, "Maybe my nose bled, or I cut myself somehow or maybe I got drunk and hit myself." But he would have noticed and explained it that way to me when I asked if that was the case. But I think he knew what it obviously looked like at first especially in the general area it was at and tried to say it was me, but I didn't buy soo...

When I left on Friday morning he said he was going to think about continuing things with us because I'm always going to think it was another woman because he knows me by now. I still haven't heard from him. I feel like he's trying to make me think I'm in the wrong by threatening to end it.

Should I follow what I'm thinking is true and that he had someone else there?

July 18, 2019, 03:49:22 PM
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I think if your that insecure with him and thinking he is cheating often then he probably is. Go with your gut on this!


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