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Author Topic: What should i do

April 10, 2019, 12:23:50 PM
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Hey everyone. I need a little advice
Okay so I've been married for 5 years and on year 2 I found out my husband was messaging other women. And it was very inappropriate we separated for a while and got back together. Things have been great since then. We have a child now and just moved into our home. I have slowly been gaining my trust back for him. A few weeks ago he was randomly picking fights with me and wanted to go to a hotel to "cool off" he didn't go because we made up that night. But a few weeks after that I was cleaning his closet and found sex toys, lube and edible massage oil. When he buys those type of things he let's me know what he got for "us". But he hasn't mentioned it at all. So today i go in his closet to put away clothes and I notice one of the massage oils is gone. I'm not really upset that he may have used them on another women. I'm more upset with him lying to me if he has found another women he wants to sleep with. I'm bi sexual and I don't him being Wth anyone else. ive even asked if he would be interested in a 3sum or if he wanted a open marriage when I found him texting other women. I understand some people want to experience things. I just can't understand why he lies to me. I would rather know the truth then be shocked and disappointed when I lay everything on the table. I just don't know w what to do. How should i bring this up to him. I love him but I can't be with someone who just lies to my face for absolutely no reason. I'm torn

April 11, 2019, 04:51:27 AM
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First of all I am so sorry for this happening to you. I can’t imagine how much this hurts. Secondly I think you should bring this up to him. It will eat you up and now you will distrust him even more and that’s not the way to be in a relationship. I think it’s always hard when you have actual feelings for this person and you know you can’t accept what they are doing. I’d be honest with him and lay my cards on the table and see what he says. It’s only from there you can take a decision