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Author Topic: What do I do?

March 05, 2020, 04:24:27 PM
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Long story story...  My husband urged me to sleep with other men for some kink he has...  I did, a work mate, and then another work mate (only the 2nd one knows about the first... Which in itself is a problem, as he hates him). Then I kind of fell for this 2nd guy.  We only met up on 4 occasions, and were planning then next, when he suddenly 'rainchecked' on me, since then his messages became more and more confusing, he seemed to like me still and put kisses on the end of his messages, but the messages got less and less, and now he won't even read/respond to me.  He won't talk to me at work either. He seemed to fall for me quite hard at the start, and I think this may be the issue, but he won't give me the chance to explain that I would probably leave my husband for him.  What do I do?

March 06, 2020, 11:48:01 PM
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You don't have to worry! I'll advise you because of the fact that I am a man... And I'll just want you to read an article I came across online. It would really help.