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Author Topic: Was I asking to much?

October 16, 2019, 09:28:17 AM
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One last shot at asking this then I may just bail on this forum.  My boyfriend down played his obsession with football.  He truly doesn't think he's obsessed with his team.  He moved in with me which means he's 7 hours from the teams stadium.  He has season tickets and goes to every home game, staying with his parents. 

When the team is playing out of state he "has" to watch the games live while simultaneously recording the game.  It was a picture perfect fall day so I asked him to join me out to walk, check out the colors and we could watch the game in the evening.  NO.  He must watch the game live.  This past summer he was doing a remodel about an hour away.  He came home mid week, not up to doing much, just tired, wanting a home cooked meal.  So we didn't get to spend much time doing anything fun.  The remodel is not quite done but he blew it off to spend a week with his folks so he could go to two home football games. 

If it's a home game he takes off on the weekend.  If it's an away game we can do something one day but the other he's absorbed in the game granting me time before or after.  Had he not been busy all summer I might not have cared but since beautiful weekends were coming to an end (cold weather/snow) I just wanted to enjoy the few days left with him.  It hurt that he chose football over spending time with me.  That he didn't care I was wandering around looking at fall colors without him.  He could've had both.  He could have spent the day with me and enjoyed the game that night.

I don't know if I want to spend every fall/winter coming in 2nd to a game.

October 16, 2019, 02:52:18 PM
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