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Author Topic: Sex-crazed BF

November 12, 2019, 11:57:49 AM
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I am having issues keeping up with my bf's libido. He constantly wants me to want him sexually, he wants me to come on to him, sext him, have sex every single night that I am not on my period. I feel so much pressure to have sex with him but it gets exhausting. I hve been sick the last 3 days and we have not had sex, I am barely better today and he gets mad at me for not being in the mood. I feel like I can't satisfy him sexually and will never be able to be enough for him. I work a mentally exhausting job with adult clients with mental health issues and I am just not always able to perform. I also have gained weight which makes me feel worse about myself, contributing to my lack of libido. He says he finds me sexy no matter what and that he can't help being so attracted to me but it causes a fight every single time we go more than 2 days without sex. Our relationship is otherwise great and healthy and full of compromise and love.  I try to compromise by having sex when I don't really feel like it, but it is never enough. Someone please help me.

November 12, 2019, 10:39:35 PM
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I’m sorry you feel like you’re in a funk and a bit drained from your job and daily life. While it’s nice to have someone who thinks you’re beautiful and wants to be intimate with you, I agree it can be draining to constantly put out all the time, especially when you’re emotionally exhausted from a long day at work. My suggestion can be to sit down with your boyfriend and talk to him about how you feel, tell him you appreciate and love him but don’t want to constantly have sex every night just to make him happy. Another suggestion I have is to do sexy and intimate things with him that aren’t sex - such as a bubble bath  . That way you can unwind and relax while still keeping some sort of intimacy with him. I hope I helped! Good luck! ❤️

November 18, 2019, 04:16:37 PM
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Well, you need to talk to him about that and to clarify that he should lighten sex in order for you to be fully ready for that and have more desire for it.