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Author Topic: Problems on Social Media

July 08, 2019, 08:04:55 PM
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My SO and I have been together for 6 years. He is currently on vacation in SE Asia with his best friend, who is lesbian (this is relevant). They went out to a club last night, in which he took a picture of the two of them with the caption "in bed in the club with my A-1" (the club had a large bed where patrons could hang out). All of my friends follow him on social media, and are unaware that the friend is a lesbian. If I'm being honest, the caption did make me uncomfortable. But, I decided to not say anything, as I want him to enjoy his vacation with his best friend.
One of my friends saw this picture, and texted me this afternoon asking if everything was okay between my SO and I. I said everything was okay, and the friend is gay. However, the conversation did make me feel humiliated. My SO called a while ago, and asked what was wrong. I don't hide my emotions very well, haha. I told him about the conversation, and he immediately demanded to know "which one of my bitchy friends was talking about him behind his back". I told him that it's not relevant and I really don't need to say who it was, but that their point was still valid. He continued to demand who asked the question. I became very frustrated and said that he hadn't even asked how this situation made me feel. He told me that once I told him who asked the question, we could talk about me.
I feel so upset. But I can't tell if I'm being the crazy and controlling one.
Help me out?

July 27, 2019, 09:49:59 AM
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I would say it's only natural that you feel upset and you can't hide that. Better to speak out what bothers you.
I mean I understand why your SO could be frustrated with your friend in common stirring up a little trouble by being nosy. Buuuut all in all an understandable question from your friend in common as well. But I don't think he should respond upset against you if your not responding like you blackmail him, demand him, being bossy over him.

I wouldn't go and go into his demands, it should all be fair and square. Not passive aggressively demand think by blackmailing a response from you.


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