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Author Topic: PERFECT MAN(exaggeration but nearly) BUT HE'S NOT ATTRACTED TO BIG WOMEN?

January 20, 2020, 09:12:40 PM
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Hello all. New to this site. I'm here because I don't know what to do with myself. I have self confidence issues and I'm fat. And I'm not like "oh you aren't even fat" I'm like 370lbs on the scale fat. I have random spouts of confidence and also spouts of none confidence. I'm a mess. And some how I still managed to find a boyfriend. So me being the anxious woman I am asked him if he honestly thought I was pretty while we both were drunk, and he told me no. He said that he really likes everything about me but is not attracted to me.

This is where it gets complicated.

He does everything for me. He likes to be around me. He thinks I'm fun to be with. Here's a direct quote from a convo we had:

This first thing was at random:
"I just wanted to let you know
I feel really lucky to have found you"

and I said he made my heart race.
I self sabotaged and
I said "maybe one day when you find me attractive I'll make your heart race too"

to which he responded:
"This kinda stuff is rough on me. Makes me really doubt and question myself.
I like to be with you because of who you are.
I know you're self conscious about your appearance, so I try to focus on other things and help you feel better about yourself"

I am his first girlfriend. He has only a few friends and I just feel like normally I can really tell when someone is being a fboy. So like I'm at a standstill. Like I keep thinking in my head "even though he says these sweet things, he's not attracted to me" etc.. How do I stop? Is this relationship worth it? Do I stick it out and try and loose weight for him? I've wanted to loose weight before I dated him too. It's just another reason to. So I just wanted some input.

Hopefully someone with a similar experience can help me out.


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