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Author Topic: On going feud between mum and boyfriend.

July 21, 2019, 05:10:58 PM
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I hope you're all ready for a long one here... I'll keep it as simple as I can!

My man and I have been together nearly a year.. Although we met in school 15 years ago and had an obvious connection back then. But him being in a relationship and moving to hong kong meant that nothing was ever pursued. Over a year ago he moved back to a city much closer to me but still an hour away and a good time after separation from his previous, we met up again while he was home visiting family.

As any relationship we have our ups and downs, but i truly believe he is the one. He and my son have taken to eachother like they are blood. They are perfect and he perfectly compliments my parenting.

Here we go.. HOWEVER.. my mother who i live with and seeks separation from my dad, is not keen AT ALL.
She reckons he is disrespectful.. For putting his hand on my knee in front of friends, he is over the top and attention seeking... Because he is playful and not shy. She has said a lot of hurtful and pretty disrespectful things about our relationship.

Next, he has taken the leap to buy a place in the same town as me to be close and ultimately for us 3 to live together..

My big issue.. How the hell do I  break this to my mum who is totally dependent on me for company and friendship?
Is she unfair in her total shut down when it comes to my partner?

I know for a fact my son would be over the moon.. I would have every intention in seeing my mum regularly and letting my son stay with her on a regular basis.

Our mother daughter friendship is suffering so  much at the minute and we are both snappy to eachother. Is me leaving home the push she needs to regain her own independence or am i pushing her into depression?
I have alwayd been too busy pleasing others while letting myself feel miserable.... How do i stop?!


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