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Author Topic: New love issues

December 08, 2019, 08:11:10 AM
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This is quite long...
But 6 months ago I met the love of my life. How do I know that? Well I’ve been married for 10 years but 6 months ago I met this guy and we clicked. To be point where I’ve never been happier.
Head over heels in love. He messages 40 times a day, when he travels home (he works 5 days a week in my local town but is from 150 mile away) at weekend he rings for hours on end.
We started building out future lives together. Making plans etc.

Then we hit a brick wall. I found out he was living with his wife still. Anyway I forgave and he left his wife and is now living at his nannas.
I made plans to leave my relationship and had done until an old picture resurfaced on Facebook of me wearing my wedding ring. My boyfriend presumed it was recent and flew into a rage where he told me it was over. He then blocked contact with me on everything.

I wrote him a 4 page letter explaining everything and posted it through his door. No response. 2 day’s before he was telling me he had never been happier and loved me so much.

5 days later no response. So I drove 150 miles to his nannas. He refused to see me. Even went out and drove past me in the car. He has unblocked me on everything but won’t respond to me message reaching out to him asking to speak to him face to face to explain.

I’m absolutely devastated and heartbroken like I have never experienced before. My life and future is in ruins. I am torn between writing another message spelling it out exactly that I do no wear my rings etc (I’ve tried this in my letter though and I’ve even had friends tell him I’m not involved with my estranged husband anymore but he doesn’t believe) or not because I would hate for him to think I was become a psycho stalker and push him further away. But I am desperate for him to understand i am totally committed to him.
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