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Author Topic: Narcissist or nice guy who is scared? I know I am!

May 13, 2019, 09:56:13 PM
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Flying on an airplane going on boats for the first couple of dates.  Seemed so sweet and genuine.  Knew all the right moves and the music to set the mood (whether romantic or if he felt like making me insecure or jealous?)

Everything seemed to be going okay.  Not too much chemistry but feeling all the love chemicals.  Only two months and I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime...

He tried to have sex with me on third date and I put a stop to it and we decided to get tested and wait.  Then he started to play hard to get all the while telling me how much he really liked me.

Two months go by and nothing.

Went out to dinner with my parents and he paid.  They thought he was charming.
The next night he went out with his friends and did not call to say good night.

The following week we had plans to go away for the weekend.  We went out with his friends the night before and he got super drunk and was flying high taking his shirt off in the bar.  This upset me and I said mean things while drinking. 

This has become a pattern, when we drink he becomes a button pusher and I react like a maniac.  When we are sober he is kind of mean (rubs things in my face like not getting me a gift on his trip, he made a bunch of candles and never gave me one, compares me to others)...

We finally had sex and he did not seem to care about anyone but himself.  And we had been drinking so to me it was meaningless. 

Finally I felt I had enough, so I picked a fight over texts and we both shut each other down but pointed out obvious area where we need to grow.

Is this worth trying?  Or just move on?  He seemed like an incredible catch, but I just feel like I will be bending over backwards to get nothing but crumbs from him.  He’s single no kids and 41 like me. Also has mostly only women friends.  He called me a liar and accused me of seeing someone else when we had a two week break.  I miss him, but I know I can easily move on.


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