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Author Topic: My crush turned to chasing me after got married to his ex

April 08, 2019, 04:15:23 PM
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Last 2 years i met a guy. At beginning,  i have a big crush into him, then i fell in love.  Our relationship was just like fwb, unofficially.  I tried to stay away,  but my feelings toward him was so strong.  I really love him eventhough no significant reply from him. Over the time,  i knew he cant forget his ex. I did confess about my feelings towards him,  but he just said he felt so good when with me but cannot go more than that. I slowly make a move, slowly walk away from him.

Till a day that was a darkest day in my life. I stalked his ig,  and i was so surprised he gonna marry his ex in a week time. My hand shaking. Its so painful. The marriage arranged by his ex's parents but i know he accept it with his heart. I texted him,  question him why he didnt give me any notice. Why put me aside. I know i am nobody to him,  but dont treat me like a trash. He started turn to a different person,  which  i dont expected. He explained to me,  the marriage arranged by their parents and he dont want to lose me.  He said he cant,  he just cant. Then start that day he kept on chasing me and hoping i return into his arm.

I always checked his ig (we're not friend in ig,  i use my fake ig to stalk him, so he dont know i was there kept on observe him). I saw his wedding photos in his friends ig. But none of his wedding photos posted in his ig even ig story.  I was wondering what is going on. Day by day,  time passed by,  there is no any single post about his wife, his post more about us. And i did stalked his wife's ig too.  All post and her status showing she is not happy with the marriage. Im speechless, mixed feeling inside me. 
He kept on bugging me,  hoping i will return. But i dont give him any single chance because i really get hurt and also thinking on her wife's feelings.
It was almost 9 months and nothing has change. Everyday i stalked them,  they're still at the same place. Not happy and trying hard to fit in the marriage. And I still cant get over him,  because i really love him,  no doubt, feels like i never fell in love before. He is so special to me. But im so fucked up with this. What should i do?  😢

April 08, 2019, 07:55:02 PM
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One thing you need to do is stop stalking his insta, your getting over him because your always checking his insta.. I know your in love but this is NOT love babe. You need to move on. You find someone better that will love you for who you are and not hide you. It’s not healthy what your doing to yourself and please please don’t listen to his excuses DON’T let him back in your life. He’s just toxic


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